Gilmore Girls Re-watch #100: The Party’s Over

Note: That’s the title of the episode we reviewed, don’t read too much into that. *wink*

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No promos this week either because of the audio submissions from our wonderful fans.

Plot Summary: Luke tries to smooth things over with Liz and TJ when they stress out about buying a house in Stars Hollow. When Emily learns Rory and Dean are dating again, she calls a temporary truce with Richard to throw a party to introduce Rory to more suitable men. Dean realizes he isn’t one of them, and Logan realizes he is.

Note: A shout-out I forgot to give in the show was to Anime reviewer Hope Chapman, a.k.a. JesuOtaku. When I was putting out calls for comedy bits to add to the 100th episode, she was the only one to say yes. Unfortunately, I was never able to write a script for her part that I was satisfied with, but regardless, big ups to her for responding (one of the few who did), so by all means, check out her stuff at

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