How a throwaway comment could lead to me coming back

This is a long one folks, so settle in.

So, my little brother recently graduated from college and is looking for a job. For a laugh I tossed out the idea to my Mom that he could try to become an Internet Reviewer like the Nostalgia Critic in the meantime while he’s looking. One idea I had that I only shared with my Mom because I figured he would never do it was a show called “Why Does My Brother Like This Movie?” where he would one at a time go over my Top 116 Fave Movies list, and try to figure out it what about it made me like it so much, and his tagline would be “Why don’t I just ask him? Because then there wouldn’t be a show.”

Yeah, silly, I know. But apparently just today (29-Jul-2013), my Mom brought up the idea as best she remembered it to my brother. She got some details wrong, but before I came over to borrow her iPod charger cord, it had evolved into an idea for a podcast that my brother and I could do together, and that him doing the editing would count towards, something, I forget what.

I’m not going to go into details since it’s still in the planning stages, plus I’m not that heavily involved, but it did get me to thinking about how the main reason I haven’t gone back to Gilmore Girls Re-watch, or tried to get Singular Achievement Phenomenon back (considering I don’t hear much from T.M. anymore it’s possible I’d have to find a new co-host for that) is out of fear that my luck would mean that within a month or two of downloading Audacity and all that something horrible would happen to my grandma’s computer, which she paid a lot for considering she’s on a fixed income and it would be all my fault and…

But I do miss podcasting. And above that I was enjoying my re-watching of Gilmore Girls and having someone to talk about it with since my circle of fellow GG fans is barely a fraction of my total circle of friends (it’s more podcast in general people and TGWTG fans), and in fact even though I said I’d continue with the re-watch without the podcast, I haven’t.

But given that I don’t have an income right now, I can’t just jump right back in unless I feel that I have an audience for this. I’d be doing it for free either way so it’s not so much about the money, but I still need to know that it’s worth it. So, I have created a poll using the service I used to use for The Casting Game. Now, last time I got to look at my Mevio figures, all combined I was getting about 2000 downloads a month just for my Gilmore Girls show. Roughly, I got e-mail and comment feedback from I think, 7 fans. So, figuring about 500 downloads per episode since it was a weekly show, divide that by 7 and we get 71 (rounded). That divided by 2 is 36 (again, rounded). Since I know that not every fan of my shows ever sent in feedback, in fact probably the majority since that’s just how it seems to work in the podosphere, I need a number. So we’ll go with 36. If I can get 36 unique votes for Yes I should come back on the poll included below, then I’ll talk to Angela and GGR will return, with all fingers & toes crossed since I don’t pray. The deadline is a month from today. Now, to prevent vote stacking, I made it so that you can only vote once per IP; so refreshing cookies to vote multiple times won’t work. This needs to be fair.

This may seem stupid to you, and if it does I’m sorry, but I just need to know that if I start doing this again, I’m not just shouting into the wind. I know that at best my placement on the “Internet Celebrity” scale is going to M-list, and even saying that much feels egotistical, but at this point in my life, if I’m not at least U-list, then why even bother?

Should I tempt fate (risking my grandmother’s computer in the process) and try to bring back Arkle Studios?

Yes, I couldn’t even keep my neuroses out of the poll’s wording, I’m sorry. 🙁

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