Host move

I’ve finally had it with Lunarpages and have moved to SiteGround. However, that means that all sorts of things need to be looked at to make sure the’re not broken.

If you see anything that looks broken or wrong please let me know. I’m going over everything but it’s going to take time.

And everyone, stay safe out there.

Other blogs

These don’t really belong in the blog roll, but I wanted to make note of some other things here:

  • The Company of the Hallows of Avalon: A draft site for “an organization that is based on modern (or Neo) Pagan mysticism and the Celtic legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.” It’ll go in the blogroll when it’s no longer a draft.
  • The DC Universe RPG Resource Site: At one point, when it looked like the original site had gone away, I was attempting to re-create it (with permission from the original author) so it wouldn’t be lost. He has since put it back up on his site, so this site remains unfinished. The data is mostly there, I just never finished cleaning it up.
  • The East Valley Democratic Club: An archived of a site I used to manage, placed here when the group disbanded and let the domain lapse. Most of it is several years out of date, though some of the informational links may still be good.

Hello world!

What the heck, as an old-school programmer I decided to leave the title :-).

Like it says on the About page, content will mainly be in the sub-blogs, so check out the links and go have a look!