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Lessons and Challenges

Emblems: Each emblem is earned in three stages, Sentinel, Warden and Page. Each stage is signified by the colour of the sash (yellow for Sentinel, Orange for Warden, Red for Page). An emblem is earned by completing a series of challenges aimed at promoting awareness of our values and beliefs.

  • To earn your Sentinel emblems, you must complete 4 of the Sentinel level challenges
  • To earn your Warden level emblem complete 4 more Sentinel challenges and 6 Warden level challenges
  • To earn your Page emblems complete all remaining Sentinel and Warden level challenges and prepare a presentation to the group on something new you have learned in your training.

Note to Parents/Group Leaders: If one or more of the following challenges are not possible due to geographical, physical, or other limitations, please feel free to substitute a challenge that you feel will achieve the same results.

Materials Needed:

  • Joining the Circle (5)
    • Salute OHA Banner
    • OHA Promise
    • Check-in
    • (Pledge of Allegiance?)
  • Business (10)
  • Martial Arts Activity (10)
    Activity (20)
    Clean-up (5)
    Closing (10)

    • (Songs?)
    • Goals
    • Dismissing the Circle

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