Feb. 2013 MHP donations

Valentine caps A listing of the things that were picked up yesterday:

  • 19 newborn caps with a few variations, Simply Soft in several colors (including the Valentine’s red and white ones shown)
  • White and baby-brite 8-point blanket and matching cap. Follow the link for photo and notes.
  • 3 bibs, two with matching caps, and a small washcloth; Sugar&Cream cotton in mauve, baby pink and smoke gray. Diagonal Cotton Baby Bib Pattern. I used an H hook for 4sts=1″. The ties may be a bit short, and may be easier to tie if they were slip-stitched instead of single crocheted. I thought I’d gotten pics of these, but apparently not.
  • A bag of little crochet squares and flowers that have been sitting around for years from an old project, so someone else can connect them into a baby blanket

20130207-MHP-donations-2 20130207-MHP-donations

The cluster caps are based off this pattern, as is the flower on the pink cotton cap. I only made one off that pattern, using three rows of sc instead of the rows of slip stitch, but I incorporated rows of clusters into my basic pattern for several other caps.

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