Submitted by Brian Mendus

Real Name: Sister Laurel Gand
Base of Operations:Metropolis, Earth
Marital Status:Single
Advantages: Ally (Legion of Super-Heroes) -27D, Attractive Appearance -2D, Contacts (Sisters of the Eternal Cosmos -6D), Courage -2D, [Fast Reactions -4D], [Hardiness -4D], [Speed Draw (heat vision) -1D], Technologically Advanced -20D;
Disadvantages: Age +1D, Dark Secret (Former White Triangle member) +3D
Reflexes: 3D(13D)
Brawling 5D(15D [haymaker +1D, uppercut +1D]), dodge 5D(15D), piloting 5D(15D) (Legion Cruiser +2D, personal ship +1D, self +3D)
Coordination: 3D(13D)
Catch 4D(14D), marksmanship 4D(14D, 16D w/ Supersenses), thrown weapons 4D(14D, 16D w/ Supersenses)
Physique: 4D(32D)
Flying 6D(34D), lifting 6D(34D)
Knowledge: 3D
Computer Ops 4D, medicine 5D, navigation 4D
Perception: 2D(12D w/ Supersenses)
Know-how (powers) 6D each, search 4D(14D w/ Supersenses), surveillance 4D(14D w/ Supersenses), tracking 5D(15D w/ Supersenses)
Presence: 3D
Interrogations 4D, intimidation 5D, willpower 5D
PDV: 3(8, 16 w/Speed Manip.)
Unarmed BDV: 3D(7D)
P/L Bonus: +3(+17)
Hero Points: 32 Body Points: 36(170)
Character Points: 36

Powers: Microwave Projection: (eyes) 12D, Immunity: 9D, Superattributes: Reflexes, Coordination 10D each (Reflexes bonuses: Fast Reactions, haymaker & uppercut specializations; Coordination bonuses: improved catching ability, reduce scale modifiers, Speed Draw [heat vision]), Superattributes: Physique 28D (increased inanimate damage, lift without collapsing, increase throwing range, clapping sonic boom, Hardiness), Superbreath: 12D, Supersenses: 10D, X-Ray Vision: 12D (Limitation: Ineffectiveness [Lead] -3D), Flight: 13D, Invulnerability: 11D, Speed Manipulation: (Supermobility, Superactions) 9D each

All Powers have Weakness (Red Sunlight) -6D. All powers formerly had Vulnerability (lead) -8D, but, thanks to Brainiac 5’s lead serum, this Vulnerability has been removed

Equipment:Legion Flight Ring[AV 15, BP 50, flight +4D, Flight 3D]

History: From “An Introduction to the Legion (archive)

Laurel Gand of Daxam. Like all Daxamites, Sister Andromeda gains Superman-like powers when exposed to the rays of a yellow sun. A brief stay in a strange anomaly may have given her extra powers or altered her power; and such changes have not yet been fully revealed. She was once poisoned by lead but gained immunity when Brainiac 5 invented a serum that rendered her immune to the effects of lead. She voluntarily imprisoned herself for her unwitting assistance in some Daxamite terrorist activities, but was later pardoned. Sister Andromeda has since resigned from the Legion and joined a religious convent devoted to Valor. She may be related to M’Onel.

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