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Real Name: Aragorn II (aka Strider)
Base of Operations: Middle Earth, mobile
Marital Status: Married
Race: Dunadan
Advantages: Acute Sense of Direction, Allies (Fellowship of the Ring, Rangers of the North, Elves), Ally (Arwen), Charismatic, Contacts (Many), Courage, Leadership Ability, Obscure Knowledge, Observant, Patron (Elrond), Political Office: Nobility 20D (Later 25D), Quick draw +2D (Sword, Bow)
Disadvantages: Dark Secret (Last of Isudur’s line), Employed, Enemy 6D (Forces of Suaron), Obsessive Tendencies, Secret Identity, Sworn Enemy (Sauron), Targeted for Assassination, Technologically Challenged
Reflexes: 5D
Acrobatics 10D, Athletics 11D (Skiing, Spelunking +4D), Brawling 9D, Boating 10D (Sailing +2D), Climb 13D, Dodge 7D (11D with cloak), Melee Weapons 14D (Swords +4D), Ride 14D, Sneak 10D (Ambush +5D)
Coordination: 3D
Catch 9D, Lockpicking 11D, Missile Weapons 10D (Bows +5D), Thrown Weapons 10D
Physique: 5D
Leap 10D, Lifting 10D, Resistance 12D, Running 15D, Swim 13D
Knowledge: 4D
Arcane Lore 10D (Elves +2D), Forgery 8D, Languages 8D, Medicine 9D (First Aid +3D), Navigation 12D, Scholar 8D (Math +2D, Middle Earth History +4D, Strategy, Tactics +7D), Security 7D
Perception: 5D
Artist 6D (Acting, Singing +4D), Engineering 7D (Fletching, Woodworking +5D), Hide 14D, Know How 12D (Dance +1D, Diplomacy, Etiquette +3D, Meditation +3D, Fletching/Bowyering +5D), Shadowing 16D, Surveillance 9D, Survival 16D (Foraging +2D), Tracking 18D
Presence: 5D
Animal Handling 14D, Command 15D (Rangers of the North +3D), Intimidation 9D, Persuasion 10D (Public Speaking +5D), Willpower 13D
PDV: 5 (7 with Cloak) (9 with Star of Elendil and Cloak)
Unarmed BDV: 5D
P/l Bonus: + 5
Hero Points: 75 Body Points: 55
Character Points: 475

Powers: Wizardry 8D [Note: Aragorn mainly used his magic to augment his skills as a ranger and to heal people. He never did anything flashy like a fireball with it]


Anduril (Enchanted Elven Broadsword) [This is Ilsudur’s broken sword the Narsil re-forged.]

  • BDV: 7D; BDV to Orcs & the Undead: 12D
  • ESP (Orcs & the Undead) 1D (Limited Range (1000′), Side Effect: Glows Blue)
  • Magical Enhancement +4D

Star of Elendil (Jewel given to Aragorn by Galadriel)

  • +2 to PDV
  • +2D to Arcane Lore
  • Arcane Lore 3D
  • Magical Enhancement +8D

Cloak of Valacirca

  • +4D to Dodge
  • Magical Enhancement +4D
History: From

He led the Fellowship after Gandalf’s fall into Moria as far as Parth Galen. Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas then turned toward Isengard in pursuit of the band of orcs that had captured Merry and Pippin. After meeting up with Gandalf again, seeing the destruction of Isengard, and finding Merry and Pippin safe, Aragorn then made for the Paths of the Dead because of what he saw in the Palantir. Once he emerged from the Paths of the Dead, he arrived in Gondor with a large army of men, and turned the tide of the battle of the Pellennor Fields.

Soon after, he was Captain of the Army of the West, which rode forth to challenge Sauron. After the War of the Ring, Aragorn was crowned king of the reunited kingdom, and wed Arwen Evenstar. During his reign, he restored peace to the land, and extended its borders.

Aragorn met and instantly fell in love with Arwen when he was twenty years old, but Elrond would not permit a wedding until he had reclaimed his throne.

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