Baron Zemo

Submitted by e-Man of Oregon

Real Name: Helmut Zemo
Base of Operations: Global
Marital Status: Estranged
Race: Human
Advantages: Acting Ability, Acute Balance, Acute Sense of Direction, Charismatic, Courage, Leadership Ability, Mechanical Aptitude, Obscure Knowledge, Observant, Preparedness, Speed Draw (rapier), Wealth
Disadvantages: Delusions of Grandeur, Enemy (Captain America, the Avengers, law enforcement community), Fanatic (Zemo family), Fugitive, Hides Emotions, Sworn Enemy (Captain America), Targeted for Assassination (Skourge), Unattractive Appearance
Reflexes: 3D (6D)
Acrobatics 7D (10D), Brawling 9D (12D) (all maneuvers +1D), Climbing 4D (7D), Dodge 8D (11D), Martial Arts 6D (9D), Melee Weapons 6D (9D) (+3D sword), Piloting 4D (7D), Riding 5D (8D), Sneak 7D (10D)
Coordination: 3D (4D)
Catch 6D (7D), Marksmanship 9D (10D), Missile Weapons 6D (7D), Sleight of Hand 5D (6D), Thrown Weapons 5D (6D)
Physique: 4d (5D)
Lifting 7D (8D), Resistance 7D (8D), Running 5D (6D), Swimming 5D (6D)
Knowledge: 4D
Arcane Lore 7D, Computer Ops 7D, Criminology 8D, Languages 9D (Native language: German), Medicine 7D, Navigation 6D, Research 5D, Scholar (war, conquests, history) 7D, Science 6D, Security 7D
Perception: 5D
Engineering 8D, Invent 6D, Seacrh 6D, Shadowing 8D, Streetwise 8D, Surveillance 6D, Survival 8D, Tracking 6D
Presence: 5D
Bluff 6D, Command 11D, Disguise 10D, Interrogation 9D, Intimidation 8D, Persuasion 7D, Willpower 13D
PDV: 5
Unarmed BDV: 4D
P/l Bonus: + 4
Villain Points: 37 Body Points: 49
Character Points: 253 Powers: Superattributes – Reflexes 3D, Coordination 1D, Physique 1D

Equipment: Costume (AV 15, 12 against heat/fire), Sword (BDV 4D, edge 2D), various gadgets


Escaping Germany before it was occupied, Heinrich Zemo was forced to abandon his young son Helmut, who grew up all but ignorant as to his origin or membership in the Zemo family. Helmut matured and worked at a small, unimportant construction company as a simple engineer, though he studied military history as a hobby, and developed a keen intellect. Heinrich Zemo had not forgotten his son, though, and arranged to have him brought to the twelfth Baron’s South American compound. It was here that Hemlut Zemo learned of, and accepted, his “destiny” as a leader, conqueror, and tyrant, as befits a member of the Zemo family.

Soon after, though, a revived Captain America tracked Heinrich Zemo down and defeated him in single combat. Helmut thus ascended to become the thirteen Baron Zemo, and would henceforth bear a vendetta against the man who brought his father to justice. Baron Zemo was a criminal mastermind who commanded the Masters of Evil, a battalion of powerful super-villains – a sort of Anti-Avengers. The Masters of Evil could never truly overcome their heroic counterparts, though, and were defeated time and again.

When the creature Onslaught apparently destroyed many of the world’s greatest superheroes, Baron Zemo concocted a cunning plan. Taking advantage of the fear and despair of the world, Zemo and his Masters of Evil (Goliath, Fixer, Screaming Mimi, Moonstone, Beetle) masqueraded as the band of heroes, the Thunderbolts. Playing their part to perfection, the Thunderbolts defeated such mighty opponents as the Rat Pack, the Wrecking Crew, Armin Zola, a new Masters of Evil, and the Elements of Doom.

However, Zemo underestimated the power of public adoration would have on the Thunderbolts; having spent most of their lives being loathed and hated, the approval and confidence placed on them by the people of the world started to weaken their resolve to do villainy. This was not helped by the addition of Jolt, an idealistic teen-ager the team had rescued, to the Thunderbolt roster.

Still, Zemo’s plan worked, and through the Bio-Modem device, the thirteen Baron came within a hairsbreadth of conquering the planet. His soldiers, though, rebelled against his villainy, destroyed the Bio-Modem’s control device, and saved the day. The Thunderbolts have since endeavored to redeem themselves for their past crimes, and Zemo escaped to plot revenge.

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