Black Manta

Submitted by Mooman

Real Name: Unknown
Base of Operations: Devils Deep and the open ocean
Marital Status: Single
Race: Originally Human — now a Human/Manta hybrid
Advantages: Acute Balance (in sea), Acute Senses (vision), Charismatic, Followers, Intimidating Grin, Leadership Ability
Disadvantages: Delusions of Grandeur, Enemy (Aquaman), Physically Limited (cannot breathe air), Unattractive Appearance
Reflexes: 2D (4D in water)
Brawling 6D (8D), dodging 6D (8D), melee weapons 7D (claws, fangs + 1D, tail + 3D), piloting 6D (Manta ship + 2D), sneak 5D (+4D underwater)
Coordination: 3D (5D in water)
Marksmanship 6D (Manta Ray + 4D)
Physique: 3D (6D)
Swimming 7D (10D)
Knowledge: 4D
Computer ops 5D, medicine 5D (bio-engineering + 4D), research 5D, scholar 5D (Atlantis + 2D), science 5D
Perception: 3D
Engineering 6D, hide 5D (+ 3D underwater), search 4D
Presence: 2D
Bluff 7D, intimidation 7D, persuasion 5D, willpower 8D
PDV: 3 (4 in water)
Unarmed BDV: 4D
P/l Bonus: + 2 (+ 3 in water)
Villain Points: 16 Body Points: 47
Character Points: 128 Powers: Darkness Vision (+3D to see in the dark, limitation: Limitation: Manta is sensitive to bright light; -2D to perception in daylight without helmet), Extra Body Part (prehensile tail, 10 foot reach) 10Dx4 BDV, Natural Weapons (claws, fangs) 2D, Pressure Adaptibility + 3D to Physique, Water Breathing (breaths water like air; no penalties for failing Swimming rolls)

Equipment: Manta Suit [Body Points 20, Armor Value 16, Permits Manta to breathe on land and adjust to the lesser atmospheric pressure]; Helmet [Body Points 35, Armor Value (head) 22, Energy Projection (“Manta Ray”, from eyes) 10D, two-way radio]; Manta also has access to hi-tech weaponry and undersea crafts.

History: Hardship was well known to the boy who would grow to become the master villain called Black Manta. A boy who loved the sea, he was shanghaied at a young age and lived the life of a brutalized slave on the open seas. He called in vain to his old love, the sea, for help one day as he saw a young Arthur Curry with a pod of dolphins. After killing his captives, Manta’s origins remain a mystery. He hated the sea for his imagined betrayal in his time of need and focused that hatred on Aquaman, who represented the sea totally in Manta’s mind. Black Manta became one of the Sea King’s most dangerous and recurring foes, bearing an arsenal of highly advanced technology along with cunning and a charisma that brought him many followers. He became Aquaman’s most hated foe in one fell swoop by murdering the sea king’s son. This also lead to alienation between Aquaman and Aqualad as well as a mental breakdown for Mera and years of separation between Mera and Aquaman. Eventually Black Manta sold his soul to the demon lord Neron which increased his power and gave him dominion of the lower depths. Unfortunately for Manta, he also lost his humanity in the trade-off becoming a monstrous human/manta hybrid.

The Black Manta has appeared several times since then to plague the Sea-King as well as other heroes. He has taken to once again utilizing his old Manta Suit with adaptations to allow him to function on land. While underwater however, he tends to go without the suit as he is perfectly adapted to deep-sea battle without it.

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