Catalyst is one of my oldest characters, created way back in September 1985. I was 13 years old at the time and wanted a character who would mix elements of the Spectre, Pariah and the New Gods all in one. He’s gone through numerous origins since then, but his current one has stuck since the early ’90s, with only minor changes. Artwork by Cariad Reese.

Real Name: Nathaniel Caine
Occupation: Writer
Base of Operations: Atlanta, Georgia
Marital Status: Single
Race: Human/Asgardian Hybrid
Advantages: Obscure Knowledge, Courage
Disadvantages: Fugitive (from Asgard, early part of career only), Enemy (Fenris), Nightmares
Reflexes: 3D
Acrobatics 4D, brawling 5D, dodge 5D
Coordination: 3D
Catch 5D, marksmanship 4D
Physique: 3D (6D)
Lifting 5D (8D)
Knowledge: 3D
Arcane Lore 4D (Asgardian lore 7D), computer ops 4D, research 5D
Perception: 4D
Search 5D, shadowing 5D
Presence: 3D
Animal handling 4D, command 5D, intimidation 6D, willpower 6D
PDV: 3
Unarmed BDV: 3D
P/l Bonus: + 4
Hero Points: 10 Body Points: 33 (49)
Character Points: 85 Powers:

  • Super attributes: Physique 3D
  • Precognition (limitation : uncontrollable, predicts catastrophe or death only) 14D
  • Flight 4D
  • Energy Projection 6D
History: Nathaniel Caine’s mother was a Valkyrie, one who renounced her immortality so that she might love a mortal man. Their union, though frowned upon by Odin and the other denizens of Asgard, was to produce a child — Nathaniel. Though her powers had been stripped from her, aspects of her Valkyrie heritage were passed to her son, thanks to the trickery of Loki – who sought to use the child against Asgard. Nathaniel’s parents died in a car crash just prior to his 20th birthday, an event that Nathaniel had foreseen just hours before — the first of his ‘death-sense’ visions. With his powers manifesting, Odin dispatched warriors to bring Nathaniel to Asgard. Once there, he learned of his true heritage — and the true extent of his powers. Ordered to remain in Asgard so that he might serve Odin, Nathaniel refused and fled. This incurred the wrath of Odin and has made him an unwanted man by all sides. Refusing Loki’s offer of help, Nathaniel returned to Earth and found himself slowly forced into the role of a superhero. Dubbed Catalyst by Odin in the aftermath of a battle with Loki, Nathaniel sees himself as the catalyst for change amongst the various pantheons — all of whom must adapt to the new world, or face extinction.

Nathaniel was very cynical early in his career, but has become more optimistic with time. His arch-foe is a mystic powered killer called Fenris, who has sold his soul in exchange for the power to act out his nightmarish desires. Though he generally operates on his own, Catalyst has been known to ally himself with other heroes out of necessity.

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