DCU Characters

If you don’t see one of your favorites listed, check the character index to see if they’ve been covered in the official DCU sourcebooks.

[Aquaman] Aquaman: His Allies & Enemies

Batman: His Allies & Enemies

Earth-72 Campaign

[Flash] Flash: His Allies & Enemies

Green Lantern: His Allies & Enemies

Heroes & Villains of the Crisis (includes pre-Crisis)


JLA: The Members

JLA: The Rogues Gallery

JSA: Members & Allies

Legion of Super-Heroes: Members & Enemies

Marvel Family: Allies & Enemies

[Fate] Miscellaneous Heroes

Miscellaneous Villains

New Gods

[Outsiders] Outsiders

[Power Company] The Power Company


Superman: His Allies & Enemies

[Titans] The Titans

Titans: Rogues Gallery


[Wonder Woman] Wonder Woman: Her Allies & Enemies

Young Justice

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