Full History Given Below RPG Stats. Deathwing could have been a great Nightwing villain, but the current powers that be at DC Comics seem content to forget he ever existed. Too bad. He started off as a very interesting idea.

Real Name: “Richard”, possibly not his real name..
Occupation: Criminal
Base of Operations: Mobile
Marital Status: Single
Race: Human
Advantages: Acute Balance, Attractive, Contact (Dark Raven), Leadership Ability, Intimidating Grin
Disadvantages: Extremely Competitive, Enemy (Mirage), Narcissistic
Reflexes: 4D
Acrobatics: 12D, Athletics: 7D, brawling: 8D, climbing: 9D, driving: 7D, escape artist: 9D, dodge 12D, Martial Arts 9D, Melee weapons: 8D, Piloting 8D, riding 5D, Sneak: 10D
Coordination: 4D
Catch: 6D, lockpicking: 6D, marksmanship: 6D, missile weapons: 6D, sleight of hand: 6D, thievery: 8D, thrown weapons 10D (shuriken, Batarangs 12D)
Physique: 5D
leap: 10D, lifting: 6D, resistance: 6D, running: 6D
Knowledge: 3D
arcane lore 4D, computer operations: 4D, criminology: 7D, demolitions: 5D, Forgery: 5D, languages: 4D, medicine 3D (first aid: 4D), navigation: 5D, research: 6D, Scholar: 4D, Science: 5D, security: 6D
Perception: 3D
Search: 7D, shadowing: 8D, streetwise 8D, surveillance: 6D, survival 5D (urban :7D), tracking: 5D
Presence: 2D
Bluff: 4D, charm: 4D, command: 4D, disguise: 5D, intimidation: 10D, persuasion: 3D, interrogation: 9D, willpower: 4D
PDV: 6
Unarmed BDV: 4D / 1D
P/l Bonus: +3
Villain Points: 19 Body Points: 43
Character Points: 55 Equipment: Costume( Armor value: 20 against projectiles, 12 against heat and fire.), ropeline (+1 success to climbing rolls, range 200 feet.), Rebreather (provides oxygen for up to two hours), Fear gas ( must make a heroic willpower check or incapacitated for 12 hours), Knockout gas (must make a difficult willpower check or knocked out for six hours), smoke bombs (all characters in area of effect at -1D to all reflexes, coordination and sight based perception rolls), Batarang (BVD: 2D, max range Physique/lifting roll +4), RazorWings (BVD: 1D), Magnesium Flare (all characters in area of effect at -1D to all reflexes, coordination and sight based perception rolls), cutting torch: ( microwave projection: 9D, damaged on a critical failure), Plastic explosives (BDV: 5Dx3).
History: “Richard” hails from our timeline, but he was taken by the Time Trapper to a possible future timeline where Lord Chaos ruled over all. The Time Trapper planned for Richard to be a “sleeper agent” of his, ready to take part in the coming crisis dubbed Zero Hour. Implanted with false memories, Richard believed that he was Richard Grayson, leader of the so-called Team Titans of that era. Alongside his partner, the young girl known as Red Wing, Richard (calling himself Nightwing) helped lead the rebellion against the forces of Chaos.

Nightwing became romantically involved with a young woman named Mirage, though he always made it clear that he still loved Starfire, who had been missing for ten years in that timeline. When the Team Titans came to the present to prevent their horrible future from occurring, Nightwing followed them to this time period – not knowing, of course, that this was his native era. Nightwing soon fell under the sway of Dark Raven, the former Titan who had become possessed by the demonic heritage of her father, Trigon. Richard was driven insane by the experience and dubbed himself “Deathwing.”

Deathwing located his lover, Mirage, and brutally raped her. He tried to kill her, in fact, but was prevented in this attempt by the Team Titans. Deathwing became increasingly sadistic and frightening, aiding Dark Raven in her attempts to destroy the Titans. Learning that Mirage was pregnant with his child, Deathwing kidnapped her and hoped to raise the child himself. His crime spree was ended when the Titans defeated Dark Raven and placed Deathwing in suspended animation in hopes of finding a cure for his madness.

Should he ever escape, Deathwing could be a deadly foe — almost as talented as the real Dick Grayson, but far more savage. Finding his child would be one of his paramount concerns.

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