Deep Blue

Submitted by Mooman

Real Name: Debbie/ Indigo
Base of Operations: Poseidonis
Marital Status: Single
Race: Human (?)
Advantages: Acute Senses (vision), Allies (Aquaman, Neptune Perkins, Tsunami), Attractive Appearance, Contacts (Royal Court of Poseidonis)
Disadvantages: Physically Limited (cannot breathe air)
Reflexes: 2D (3D in water)
Brawling 4D (5D), dodging 5D (6D), martial arts 4D (5D), riding 3D (+2D aquatic)
Coordination: 3D (4D in water)
Marksmanship 4D (5D), thrown weapons 6D(7D)+1D for Starfish
Physique: 4D (5D)
Leaping 5D (6D), lifting 5D (6D), swimming 9D (10D)
Knowledge: 3D
Scholar (small aquatic lifeforms) 7D
Perception: 3D
Presence: 3D
Animal handling 4D (aquatic + 3D), charm 6D, willpower 6D
PDV: 3 (4 in water)
Unarmed BDV: 3D (4D in water)
P/l Bonus: + 2 (+ 3 in water)
Hero Points: 4 Body Points: 40
Character Points: 28 Powers: ANIMAL CONTROL 8D(only aquatic animals that she has used Size Manipulation on), DARKNESS VISION( +2D to PERCEPTION to see in the dark), PRESSURE ADAPTABILITY:+1D to Physique, UNDERWATER MOBILITY:+1D to Reflexes and Coordination while underwater, SIZE MANIPULATION(growth):1D. Usable only on sea life, WATER BREATHING( breathes water like air; no penalties for failing SWIMMING rolls)
History: Deep Blue (sometimes known as Indigo) is a beautiful and mysterious figure who made her first appearance during the Hunter/ Gatherer Invasion of the Earth that was warded off by Aquaman and his allies. She is the daughter of the WW2 heroine known as Tsunami and, she believes, Neptune Perkins, hero of WW2 and now Congressman. It has been hinted at that perhaps her origins are not what she has always been told and that she may, indeed, be the half sister of Aquaman himself. Deep Blue has the uncanny ability to temporarily grow sea creatures and mentally have them do her bidding. She is not a skilled hand to hand combatant but is adept in battle with the clever use of her powers (such as hurling starfish like throwing stars and having them grow and cover an opponent at the last moment). Debbie is, however, hindered in the fact that she cannot breath air and must remain submerged. Deep Blue has developed a close friendship with Dolphin and had a strong attraction to Aquaman until it was suggested that they might be related. She remains a staunch ally to the Royal Court of Poseidonis.

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