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Effigy is more open minded and noble then the way Skrulls are usually portrayed. Unlike his more fanatical and warlike brethren He is able to look beyond Skrull bias to see the good in other species. This is why he sided with Earth over the Skrull empire.

Real Name: Velmax (a.k.a. Jacob Scott)
Base of Operations: Global
Marital Status: Single
Race: Alien (Skrull)
Advantages: Courage, Leadership Ability, Obscure Knowledge, Observant, Technologically Advanced, Thousand Faces
Disadvantages: Dark Secret (Really is a Skrull), Enemies (As Effigy),Secret Identity.
Reflexes: 3D
Acrobatics: 4D, Brawling: 6D, Dodge: 6D, Driving 6D, Escape Artist: 6D ( +8D if in appropriate form), Melee Weapons: 5D, Piloting: 5D (Skrull vehicles +3D), Sneak: 10D
Coordination: 3D
Catch:5D, Lockpicking: 5D, Marksmanship:6D ( +3D Pistols, +2D Rifles), Thievery: 5D, Thrown Weapons: 5D
Physique: 4D
Leaping: 5D, Lifting: 5D, Resistance: 5D, Running: 6D, Swimming: 5D
Knowledge: 5D
Criminology: 6D, Demolitions: 8D, Forgery: 6D, Languages: 10D, Navigation: 6D(+2D Interstellar), Scholar: 4D (+4D Counter-Espionage techniques, Earth Culture, Sabotage),Security: 8D
Perception: 6D
Hide: 6D ( +8D if in appropriate form), Engineering: 4D, Repair: 4D (+2D Skrull), Search: 6D, Shadowing: 8D, Streetwise: 6D, Surveillance: 7D, Survival: 6D (+2D Xeno-related), Tracking 6D
Presence: 3D
Bluff: 6D, Charm: 6D, Disguise: 6D, Interrogation: 6D, Persuasion: 6D, Willpower: 6D
PDV: 3
Unarmed BDV: 3D
P/l Bonus: + 3
Hero Points: 15 Body Points: 35
Character Points: 125 Natural Abilities ( For The Skrull race): Shapechanging: 12D (Limited to his mass and imagination)

Equipment: In his guise as Jacob Scott. Effigy would have access to any equipment a NSA agent of that rank might need for a mission. Presumably he may have access to Skrull tech, He might have salvaged after his crash landing.

History: from the Unofficial Handbook of the Marvel Universe (archive)

Velmax was a member of the alien race known as the Skrulls. As a scout for the Skrull Empire, Velmax was charged with spying on Earth. When flying over the American Southwest in 1947, Velmax’s ship was spotted and fired upon, forcing him and his partner to crash-land. His partner sustained serious injury, so Velmax sealed him in a regenerative cocoon in hopes that he might revive. Velmax then tried to kill a human which happened to witness the event. Trying to escape, the human crashed his vehicle and died. Velmax, using his shape-changing abilities, appropriated the identity of the human before he and the Skrull ship were captured by the United States military.

Velmax was able to mislead the authorities and began living as Jake Scott for many years, soon parlaying Scott’s military background into a political career, finally entering Federal bureaucracy. Ultimately, Velmax hoped to use his position to track down the stolen Skrull technology, which had by then become scattered to various facilities.

After 8 years of being stranded, he had become a special agent for the National Security Agency, at one point gaining a position as head of security for a top-secret government facility for cryogenics. The facility was secretly holding the heroes Captain America and Bucky in suspended animation after they had grown incurably insane. (In reality, the heroes were the second to hold such titles, and later became the Grand Director and Nomad, respectively.)

In this capacity, he learned of the hero (and former associate of the cryogenic facility) Yankee Clipper. As a National Security Agent, he helped the Clipper embark on various missions, often accompanying him, although he never revealed his shape-changing powers or his hope to find Skrull technology.

On one adventure with the Yankee Clipper and his allies, Velmax unknowingly encountered his former Skrull partner who was after the same technology. Mistaking Velmax for a human, the clandestine Skrull fired a beam from a so-called “bio-moleculizer” which destabilized Velmax’s human disguise. Rather than revealing the truth, Velmax claimed the weapon endowed him with shape-changing powers, and he took on the code name Effigy.

Soon, Effigy, the Yankee Clipper, and others created the superhero team known as the First Line. Effigy participated in the First Line’s activities, and on one adventure, inadvertently killed his former commander, Zuhn, who had revived from the crash-landing and had created the villainous identity of Chimera. Velmax thus realized he had grown fond of America and its people and had since forgotten his original quest to return home and instead embraced his new role as a hero.

When the Yankee Clipper apparently died in action, Velmax, as Effigy, took leadership of the First Line. Effigy led the team for many years and through many trials. During the 1970’s, Effigy managed to use his alter-ego of Jake Scott to often attend presidential meetings on behalf of the First Line, granting the team semi-official status, financial support, facilities, and equipment. However, the government was eventually planning to use the First Line for its own selfish purposes, in activities that were tantamount to domestic subversion. Effigy refused to allow the First Line refused to compromise their ideals, and the government ended its federal authorization of the team.

Although the team appeared to have disbanded, Effigy would occasionally assemble members for clandestine missions. One such mission to the Middle Eastern country of Halwan, Mister Justice was captured. The subsequent rescue by the remaining members of the First Line left one of their members dead and proved to be a diversionary tactic by the government to destabilize the current Halwan regime. The First Line appeared to have disbanded entirely at this point.

Effigy and Professor Carmody (a.k.a. the Eternal Brain) later spearheaded the re-establishment of the First Line as a loose confederation of heroes, operating more covertly for many years.

Years later, the First Line discovered plans for an invasion of Earth by the alien Skrulls. Effigy led a large assemblage of First Line members and associates to stop the Skrulls. He used his knowledge of Skrull technology to set up the destruction of their armada, revealing his true nature to the First Line member Pixie before he was shot and killed by Skrull warriors.

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