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Feedback’s very much like Cyclops, i.e. the strong-willed leader fighting for a cause. A combination of athletics and bionics, he’s a decent character for low to medium-level campaigns.

Real Name: Scott Robinson
Occupation: Adventurer
Base of Operations: Liberty City, mobile
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5’10” Weight: 155 lbs.
Eyes: Purple Hair: Black w/blue streaks
Race: Human
Advantages: Acute Balance, Allies (Misfits in Action), Fast Reactions, Leadership Ability, Mechanical Aptitude, Photographic Memory, Technologically Advanced (Postmodern), Wealth -4D
Disadvantages: Dark Secret (time-traveler), Fanatic, Impulsiveness, Obsessive Tendencies, Owes Favor (Hellcat) +2D, Secret Identity
Reflexes: 3D (11D)
Acrobatics 5D (13D), athletics 3D (11D) (slamball +6D), brawling 6D (14D), climbing 4D (12D), dodge 6D (14D), escape artist 3D (11D), piloting 4D (12D) (hoverboard +4D), melee weapons 4D (12D) (staff +2D), sneak 5D (13D)
Coordination: 3D (7D)
Catch 4D (8D), lockpicking 7D (11D) (electronic +2D), marksmanship (grappling guns) 6D (10D), missile weapons 5D (9D)
Physique: 4D
Leap 5D, resistance 5D, running 4D, swimming 4D
Knowledge: 2D
Computer ops 5D, criminology 4D, research 5D, scholar (future) 6D, science 4D (bionics, computers +2D)
Perception: 2D
Engineering 4D, hide 7D, invent 5D, repair 5D (hologram projector +5D), shadowing 7D, streetwise 5D, surveillance 6D, tracking 5D
Presence: 4D
Bluff 6D, charm 6D, intimidation 7D, willpower 7D
PDV: 3 (7)
Unarmed BDV: 4D (6D)
P/l Bonus: +2
Hero Points: 20 Body Points: 39
Character Points: 163 Powers: Superattributes: Reflexes 8D, Coordination 4D, Jump 1D, Clinging 5D


  • Costume: Armor Value 12 to upper body, Light Manipulation (holograms) 12D
  • Grappling gun: Defense Value 7 against cutting attacks, 14 against all other attacks; Body Points: 40; maximum range: 200 feet; adds +2D to all climbing rolls and +3D to all acrobatics rolls
  • Hoverboard: Armor Value 8; Body Points: 15; Flight 4D
  • Magno-glove: Magnetic Manipulation (summoning; can affect non-metal objects) 5D (limitation: Rechargeable [every five uses])
  • Portable computer
  • Telescopic bo staff: Extends from one to five feet at the push of a button; BDV 3D
  • Wrist-mounted grappling gun: Defense Value 10 against cutting attacks, 30 against all other attacks; Body Points: 60; maximum range: 200 feet; adds +1D to all climbing rolls

Growing up in a future which may or may not come to pass, Scott Robinson was a champion slamball player for his high-school team. Sadly, his career in sports would end up being short-lived, as it was revealed that he had been using various performance-enhancing bionic implants, which increased his natural agility and reflexes to superhuman levels.

After being expelled from school at the age of 16, Scott left home, and wound up with a local street gang in Hilldale known as the Dead Files. During his time with them, he gained other “upgrades” and special equipment, as well as an alias, “Feedback”. His specialty with the gang was in breaking and entering. Also, due to his athletic “career”, he was great with brawls between rival gangs. However, he and the leader, Cijay, never exactly saw eye-to-eye.

Tensions finally came to a head when Cijay got Feedback to break into the house of a Professor DeLarge, a well-respected professor. Cijay hoped to contact local law enforcement, getting Scott arrested for the break-in. During the break-in, he discovered that the man had recently discovered temporal displacement. A struggle between the two men occurred, and Scott was accidentally propelled 35 years back in time, to our present day.

It took some time, but Scott managed to adjust to our time period. With his knowledge of, and investing in, future companies’ outcomes, and by shifting funds from criminal accounts, he managed to set up a decent life for himself. He also began going after various criminals with his advanced weaponry.

During one “hunting expedition”, Feedback saved the life of the freelance thief Anne Leahey, better known as Hellcat. They began a decent relationship with each other, and with the other vigilantes, set up the hero team known as the Misfits in Action.

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