G-3 (Princess)

Princess is far more than the “babe” of the team. She’s smart and capable, serving faithfully with G-Force against any and all menaces.

Real Name: Princess
Advantages: Acute Balance, Acute Manual Dexterity, Acute Sense of Direction, Allies (G-Force), Attractive Appearance, Contact (Inter-Galactic Federation), Courage, Fast Reactions
Disadvantages: Enemy (Spectra agents)
Reflexes: 3D (7D)
Acrobatics 8D (12D), athletics 4D (8D), boating 4D (8D), dodge 8D (12D), driving 6D (10D, Galacticycle + 2D), martial arts 7D (11D), melee weapons 5D (9D, special Yo-Yo + 4D), piloting 7D, sneak 5D (9D)
Coordination: 2D (6D)
Catch 3D (7D), marksmanship 3D (7D), missile weapons 3D (7D)
Physique: 2D (4D)
Leaping 6D (8D), resistance 6D (8D), running 8D (10D), swimming 6D (8D)
Knowledge: 4D
Computer ops 7D, criminology 6D, demolitions 9D, medicine (first aid) 5D, research 6D, scholar (Spectra) 8D, science 6D, security 7D
Perception: 3D
Engineering 6D, invent 4D, repair 5D, survival 5D
Presence: 2D
Charm 6D, persuasion 6D, willpower 4D
PDV: 4 (6D)
Unarmed BDV: 1D
P/l Bonus: + 1 (+ 2)
Hero Points: 14 Body Points: 39
Character Points: 90 Powers: Princess’ powers come from a series of cerebonic implants which have been placed inside her body. They give her the following powers – Superattributes: Reflexes 4D, Coordination 4D, Physique 2D.

Equipment: Each G-Force members has a variety of personal equipment. The ones most associated with Princess are:

  • G-Force Bracelet [50 Body Points, The bracelet has many uses, being used as a sensor (ESP 6D), a communications radio, or to activate their battlesuits (usually referred to by fans as Birdstyles). The Birdstyle is activated by the word “Transmute!”. Every bracelet is pre-programmed with a specific suit, tailor made for each member. A controller in the bracelet sends a surge of energy at the right frequency through a transformation crystal, triggering the clothing to start shifting and changing. The same civilian clothes were needed because they possessed enough mass and the correct mixture of chemicals and basic elements needed by the completed birdstyles (thus explaining why they wear the same clothing constantly)]
  • Birdstyle [This costume, which appears when summoned via the Bracelet, allows for Flight (Gliding) 5D, Armor Value 10]
  • Yo-Yo [BDV 2D]
  • Explosives [5Dx3]
  • Feather Shuriken [BDV 1D, The entire team carry feather shuriken, but these became Jason’s trademark weapon]
  • Galacticycle [personal bike; Has skimmer attachment behind the front wheel in order to operate on the water’s surface]
History: Borrowed from Battle of the Planets Universe

Princess is an orphan, and in “Peril of the Pyramids”, she indicates she remembers when it happened. She is smart, capable, and accomplished in a number of sciences. She is more than able to hold her own in a fight. She is able to pilot the Phoenix (“Beast with a Sweet Tooth”), is known to bring along little gadgets that may help them on their missions (“Silent City”), and is often chosen by Mark to accompany him on missions (“Attack of the Space Terrapin”, “Secret Island”, “Race Against Disaster”, “Conway Tape Tap”). She at one time studied meditation in the Himalayas (“Charioteers of Changu”), and has also studied Spectra on her own. In “Prisoners of Space” she had amassed many Spectran voices on tape recorder. Princess has an emotional attachment to Mark, that he acknowledges. Her favorite weapon is a specialized yo-yo and excels at placing small bombs in Spectra bases for optimal effect (“Curse of the Cuttlefish”, “Attack of the Space Terrapin”, “Perilous Pleasure Cruise”). Her motorcycle is called a Galacticycle.

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