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Note: All values in square brackets are for Gandalf the White, after he came back to life from fighting the Balrog.

Real Name: Gandalf
Base of Operations: Middle Earth, mobile
Marital Status: Single
Race: Istari
Advantages: Acting Ability, Allies (Elves, Hobbits, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Istari, The King of Eagles), Charismatic, Courage, Gifted in Learning, Leadership Ability, Magically Adept, Magic Resistance, Obscure Knowledge, Observant, Patron 4D(Manwe, Varda), Renown, Sixth Sense
Disadvantages: Employed, Enemies (All the Evils of Middle Earth), Hides Emotions, Obsessive Tendencies, Targeted for Assassination, Technologically ChallengeD
Reflexes: 3D
Athletics 6D (Spelunking +2D), Boating 5D (Sailing +1D) Climb 8D, Dodge 9D [13D], Driving 5D, Melee Weapons 8D [10D] (Swords +5D), Riding 8D, Sneak 7D
Coordination: 4D
Lockpicking 7D, Marksmanship-Wizardry 9D [12D] (Fire Spells +5D), Missile Weapons 6D, Slight of Hand 8D, Thievery 8D, Thrown Weapons 5D
Physique: 3D
Resistance 12D, Running 5D, Swim 6D
Knowledge: 7D
Arcane Lore 15D [18D], Criminology 11D [13D], Languages 10D [12D] (Elvish, Hobbitish +4D, Magical Languages/Runes +6D), Medicine 8D [10D] (First Aid +3D), Navigation 10D (Stargazing +2D), Scholar 10D (Mathematics +3D, Middle Earth, Elves, Hobbits +5D, Rings of Power +8D), Science 10D [12D] (Chemistry +3D), Security 9D
Perception: 6D
Engineering 8D, Hide 10D, Invent 8D (Blacksmithing +2D), Know How 10D [12D] (Diplomacy +4D, Mediation, Tactics +5D, Wizardry, Fire Spells +7D), Survival 11D (Foraging +2D), Tracking 10D
Presence: 6D
Artist (Actor, Singing) 8D [10D], Charm 8D, Command 11D [13D], Disguise 10D, Interrogation 12D, Intimidation 12D, Persuasion 8D [12D] (Public Speaking +4D), Spellbind 13D [15D], Willpower 15D [18D]
PDV: 5 [7]
Unarmed BDV: 1D
P/l Bonus: + 1
Hero Points: 50 Body Points: 32
Character Points: 250 Natural Ability: As an Istari, Gandalf is Immortal.

Powers: Wizardry 18D (Mastery) [25D], [Invulnerability 7D]


Glamdring Elven Broadsword “Foe Hammer” BDV: 5D/3D

  • +2D to Melee Skill
  • BDV to Orcs: 12D
  • ESP (Orcs) 1D (Limited Range (1000′), Side Effect: Glows Blue)
  • Magical Enhancement +4D

Narya (Elven Ring of Fire)

  • +5D to all Fire Related Spell/Power rolls
  • Fire Manipulation 15D (Self Invulnerable)
  • Invisibility 15D to being detected via powers or spells (Mastery), the ring itself is invisible always
  • Gift +3D to all skill rolls for friends in a 30′ radius
  • Healing 3D (Mastery, Duration: Permanent, Limited Range: Touch)
  • +3 to PDV
  • In general Narya also has the power to rekindle the fire in people’s hearts (+5D to any Persuasion or Charm rolls)
  • Magical Enhancement +8D
History: Gandalf entered into Middle Earth as one of the Istari, and was deemed the wisest of the order by Galadriel. He has been said to be the person most responsible for Sauron’s downfall, laboring nonstop for roughly 2000 years to put an end to his reign. Gandalf was the bearer of Narya, the Ring of Fire, given to him by Cirdan when he arrived in Middle Earth.

Gandalf always held Hobbits near to his heart, and he also held their race in high regard. When Bilbo found the Ring, Gandalf immediately suspected that it was the One Ring, but allowed Bilbo to keep it, for he knew Bilbo to be strong, and innocent: plus he knew no safer place for it, and he dare not be tempted with it himself.

In the year 3001, Gandalf persuaded Bilbo to leave the Ring to Frodo, and shortly thereafter, Gandalf set in motion the Quest of Mount Doom. Gandalf was one of the most important people at the Council of Elrond, because he alone knew the full history of Sauron and the Ring. Although he fell battling the Balrog in Moria, he was sent back to Middle Earth as Gandalf the White to complete his errand.

Aside from aiding Frodo in his journey, Gandalf did many other chief deeds during the War of the Ring, including freeing Theoden from the evil spells of Saruman and Wormtongue, and casting Saruman out and taking over as the head of the White Council. After the War of the Ring Gandalf sailed from the Grey Havens with Elrond, Bilbo, and Frodo.

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