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Real Name: Gimli
Base of Operations: The Lonely Mountain, Mobile
Marital Status: Single
Race: Dwarf
Advantages: Acute Sense of Direction, Allies 15D (The Fellowship of the Ring), Courage, Hardiness, Mechanical Aptitude, Wealth
Disadvantages: Argumentative, Employed, Extremely Competitive, Obsessive Tendencies, Targeted for Assassination
Reflexes: 3D
Athletics 5D (Spelunking +5D), Brawl 7D, Climbing 7D, Dodge 7D, Melee Weapons 8D (Axes +3D)
Coordination: 3D
Lock Picking 5D, Marksmanship (Crossbow) 5D, Thievery 4D, Thrown Weapons 4D
Physique: 5D
Lifting 7D, Resistance 11D
Knowledge: 4D
Arcane Lore 5D (Dwarves +3D), Languages 6D, Science 5D (Chemistry +2D)
Perception: 3D
Engineering 5D, Invent 9D, Know How 8D (Gambling, Haggle +1D, Meditation, Stone Carving +2D, Blacksmithing, Trap Building +3D), Repair 7D, Survival 5D (Mountains +3D), Tracking 6D
Presence: 2D
Command 5D, Intimidation 7D, Willpower 8D
PDV: 4
Unarmed BDV: 4D
P/l Bonus: + 3
Hero Points: 25 Body Points: 45
Character Points: 125 Equipment: Dwarven Plate Mail [AV: 24], Fine Dwarven Axe [BDV: 4D], ShielD
History: From

In 3018, Gimli accompanied his father to Rivendell, was chosen to represent the Dwarves in the Fellowship, and aided Gandalf in leading the company through Moria. He was the first dwarf to enter Lorien since Durin’s Day, and was held in awe by the beauty of the Lady Galadriel. He became very close friends with Legolas, and journeyed throughout Middle Earth with him after the War of the Ring. Also after the War of the Ring, Gimli led a band of dwarvish smiths in re-forging the gates of Gondor in mithril and steel, and he was the Lord of the Glittering Caves. In Fourth Age 120, he sailed over the sea with Legolas.

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