Granny Goodness

Submitted by Menele

Real Name: Granny Goodness
Base of Operations: Apokolips
Marital Status: Single
Race: New God
Advantages: Charismatic, Followers 15D (Parademon Squad), Patron (Darkseid), Status (Darkseid’s Ruling Elite) 15D, Technologically Advanced (Superior)
Disadvantages: Employed (Master Trainer), Obsessive Tendencies (Breaking her pupil’s will), Psychological Disorder (Psychopath)
Reflexes: 4D
Brawl 9D, Dodge 7D, Melee Weapons 7D
Coordination: 3D
Physique: 7D
Lifting 8D, Resistance 9D
Knowledge: 4D
Arcane Lore 6D (New Gods +2D), Computer Ops 5D, Science 7D, Security 11D
Perception: 5D
Engineering 7D, Invent 7D, Know How 6D (Brainwashing, Training +5D), Repair 6D, Survival 9D
Presence: 5D
Bluff 8D, Charm 13D, Command 8D, Intimidation 13D, Persuasion 11D, Willpower 10D
PDV: 4
Unarmed BDV: 5D
P/L Bonus: +4
Villain Points: 25 Body Points: 55
Character Points: 200 Natural Powers: Immortality

Equipment: Armour (AV: 18)

History: (From The Apokolips Sourcebook by Mayfair Games)

Granny Goodness’ past is unknown. She currently serves Darkseid as his prized trainer/torturer. She is famous for her orphanages, where all of Darkseid’s troops are brainwashed and trained to kill. She lives in the largest and most advanced of these establishments, called the Happiness Home.

Granny’s biggest responsibility is the training and instillment of loyalty in Darkseid’s henchmen. Nearly all of his noble minions (such as Kalibak, Dr. Bedlam, Kanto and the Female Furies) have learned their slave-like devotion and skill from Granny. At times, Darkseid will allow her to oversee a part of his latest power-lust campaign.

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