Submitted by Brian Westcott

Notes from Barry: One of my favorite characters, I chose the pic at right because I prefer her “classic” costume and appearance.

Real Name: Gabrielle Doe
Base of Operations: Mobile, sometimes Markovia
Marital Status: Single
Race: Halo is an energy-being known as an Aurakle that has bonded with a human form.
Advantages: Acting Ability, Allies: Outsiders, Attractive Appearance, Contact: Batman, Fast Reactions
Disadvantages: Employed, Enemies: (Force of July, Kobra, Manhunters, Masters of Disaster, Nuclear Family, People’s Heroes), Secret Identity, Youth
Reflexes: 3D
Acrobatics 6D, Dodge 6D, Piloting (Self) 6D, Sneak 4D
Coordination: 2D
Marksmanship (energy blasts) 6D
Physique: 2D
Flying 4D
Knowledge: 2D
Criminology 3D, Know-How (powers) 4D
Perception: 2D
Hide 4D, Search 4D, Streetwise 4D
Presence: 3D
Bluff 4D, Charm 4D, Disguise 4D, Willpower 4D
PDV: 3
Unarmed BDV: 1D
P/l Bonus: + 1
Hero Points: 12 Body Points: 29
Character Points: 90 Powers: Each one of Halo’s auras gives her a different power. Limitations: Singularity (can only use one aura at a time), Super Hero Form

  • Red: Microwave Projection 9D, Flight 4D
  • Orange: Energy Blast 8D, Flight 4D
  • White: Flight 4D
  • Yellow: Light Manipulation (Flash) 4D, Flight 4D
  • Violet: Darkness Manipulation 4D, Flight 4D
  • Green: combination of Bind and Energy Blast 8D, Flight 4D
  • Blue: Light Manipulation (Illusion) 8D, Flight 4D
  • Indigo: either combination of Telekinesis and Energy Blast or Light Manipulation (Solid Constructs) 4D, Flight 4D

Originally, the girl that came to be known as Halo was two separate beings: Violet Harper, a small-town girl who had fallen in with a bad crowd, and an Aurakle, an alien entity who desired to experience humanity. When Violet Harper was mortally wounded, the Aurakle moved inside and animated her body. An unfortunate side-effect of this was that the Aurakle had no memories of who or what it was. It took many long months of detective work on the part of the Batman to trace Halo’s origins back to Violet Harper and, from there, the Aurakles.

During this time Halo had established herself as a somewhat naive but very outgoing young girl. Since she had no clue who her parents might be, she was adopted by Tatsu (aka Katana) and the two women forged a lifelong friendship. Halo also adopted the identity of Gabrielle (Gaby) Doe during this period.

After learning of her true origins, Halo remained a core member of the Outsiders, staying with them through their various breakups (and reunions) with the Batman. This all came to a horrible end, however, during the horrible events known as Millennium. Halo entered a coma due to severe injuries and, during this time, the dormant Violet Harper personality reasserted itself. Though this was not revealed for some time, Violet had subtly manipulated Halo into behaving more and more like her old Harper identity.

This came to an unfortunate end when Marissa Barron, the evil ex-wife of Halo’s teammate Technocrat, allied herself with a villain called Sanction. Sanction and Barron attacked the Outsiders and, during the conflict, both Halo and Barron were seemingly killed. The Aurakle fled the Violet Jones body and ended up in Marissa’s. Halo went through several changes during this period, as her new body was about 10 years older than the previous one and people’s perceptions of her changed as a result.


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