The original Hourman was one of my favorites, mainly because of his costume, which I’ve always liked. Thus, Rick (even with his original, garish purple costume) was an automatic interest of mine, but he was handled so badly for so long that I frequently wished they’d just retcon him away. Now, thankfully, the current JSA series is treating him with respect — and the current Hourman is one of my favorite heroes at the moment.

These stats are a “tweaked” (updated) version of those found in the JSA Sourcebook.

Real Name: Rick Tyler
Advantages: Allies (JSA, former members of Infinity, Inc.), Attractive Appearance, Contact (Tyler Chemical Co.), Courage, Wealth
Disadvantages: Dark Secret (Hourman has suffered from Miraclo addiction in the past, which caused him to behave irrationally), Secret Identity
Reflexes: 3D (8D)
Brawling 4D (9D), dodge 6D (11D)
Coordination: 2D
Catch 6D, thrown weapons 6D
Physique: 2D (9D)
Leaping 4D (11D), lifting 5D (12D), running 4D (11D)
Knowledge: 2D
Scholar 4D (art + 2D), science 4D (chemistry + 2D)
Perception: 3D
Artist 6D, streetwise 6D
Presence: 2D
Charm 5D, intimidation 7D, willpower 8D
PDV: 3 (6)
Unarmed BDV: 3D (5D)
P/l Bonus: + 2 (+ 6)
Hero Points: 8
Villain Points: 1
Body Points: 35 (70)
Character Points: 64 Powers: Precognition 6D (“Flash Forwards” one hour, Limitation: Uncontrollable), Temporal Manipulation 5D (Limitation: Only allows Hourman to travel to the “hour in time” described in the History section below — Rick is able to take others with him, however)

Equipment: Originally, Hourman used the same Miraclo pills as his father, but he soon began using a variant formula solely keyed to his own body. This version of Miraclo enhanced Rick’s strength less than his father’s original version and was less addictive. Currently, Hourman uses a non-addictive form of the drug, which enhances his strength to a degree that approximates that of his father.

Miraclo (current version):

  • Powers: Superattributes: Reflexes 5D, Physique 7D; Invulnerability 4D
  • Limitations: Duration Change (Activated), Rechargeable (once an hour), Conditional (Miraclo must be released into Hourman’s bloodstream via his wrist gauntlets — may also be ingested), Self-Damaging (if another dose of Miraclo is administered within six hours after the first has worn off)
  • Enhancements: Mastery
History: The only child of original Hourman Rex Tyler, Rick Tyler seemed destined to disappoint his father… and rarely fought to change that destiny. That changed when Rick imbibed Rex’s chemical invention Miraclo and became the new Hourman. His disapproving father watched as Rick joined the superhero group Infinity, Inc. Despite beating a growing addiction to Miraclo, Rick’s newfound drive to be a hero was cut short by the near-fatal side effects of the chemical. Rex Tyler was killed before he saw his son cured; yet Rick persevered, and with a new non-addictive form of Miraclo reclaimed the Hourman role.

In addition to the abilities he derives from Miraclo — heightened strength, agility and speed — Rick now receives random “Flash Forward” visions. These give him a glimpse one hour into the immediate future. Hourman can either alter that future hour or take advantage of its events.

Rick’s most cherished ability is transporting himself into a frozen “hour in time” — split off shortly before his father’s death — where, for one hour total, he can seek advice from his father on a multitude of matters. So far, the two have used up only a fraction of their allotted time.

Rick is very proud to have been asked to join the newest incarnation of the Justice Society of America. He recognizes the JSA’s commitment to training the next generation of heroes and has already forged a special bond with young hero Jakeem Thunder.

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