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The TV series was a lot of fun to me so I was really sad to see the birds go… I mean, they kicked ass with a lot more style than Buff to me. Anyone agree? ^_^

Real Name: Helena Kyle (Does not use surname Wayne)
Base of Operations: New Gotham City, NJ
Marital Status: Single
Race: (Meta) Human
Advantages: Acute Balance, Allies (Dinah, Jesse), Attractive Appearance, Charismatic, Double-Jointed, Fast Reactions, Observant, Patron (Oracle)
Disadvantages: Dark Secret (Mother murdered, Wayne heritage), Employed, Hides Emotions, Moral Code (protect the weak and never take life), Obsessive Tendencies (Quest for Justice), Secret I.D.
Reflexes: 3D (9D)
Acrobatics 6D (12D), Brawling 4D (10D),Climbing 5D (11D), Dodge 6D (12D), Driving 4D (10D), Martial Arts 7D (13D), Melee Weapons 5D (11D), Sneak 6D (12D)
Coordination: 3D (9D)
Catch 4D (10D), Lockpicking 6D (12D), Missile Weapons 4D (10D), Thievery 7D (13D), Thrown Weapons 4D (10D)
Physique: 2D (7D)
Lifting 3D (8D)
Knowledge: 3D
Computer Ops 4D, Criminology 7D, Medicine (first aid) 5D, Security 6D (Clock Tower +3D)
Perception: 3D
Hide 8D, Search 7D, Streetwise 9D (New Gotham + 3D), Shadowing 8D, Surveillance 7D, Tracking 7D
Presence: 3D
Bluff 6D, Charm 8D, Interrogation 7D, Intimidation 7D, Persuasion 8D, Willpower 8D
PDV: 4
Unarmed BDV: 1
P/l Bonus: +1 (+4)
Hero Points: 12 Body Points: 51
Character Points: 90 Powers: Superattributes: Reflexes & Coordination 6D, Physique 5D, Jump 4D. Limitation: Side Effect (Huntress’s eyes turn from human to feline shape and color when she uses her powers).


History: The Dark Knight legend takes an unexpected turn when he vanishes from the crime-ridden city of New Gotham after an attack of the Joker left Batgirl paraplegic and Catwoman dead. Helena Kyle, the offspring of Bruce and Selina’s forbidden love affair, quickly grows into the fierce and beautiful “Huntress,” under the teaching of the relentless Oracle, no other than Babs Gordon herself. Those two have been recently joined by a young girl with many psychic abilities, Dinah. The three are now the protectors of New Gotham, the Birds of Prey.

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