Kalibak the Cruel

Submitted by Menele

Real Name: Kalibak
Base of Operations: Apokolips
Marital Status: Single
Race: New God
Advantages: Courage, Fast Reactions, Patron (Darkseid), Status (Darkseid’s Ruling Elite) 15D, Technologically Advanced (Superior)
Disadvantages: Employed (Champion of Apokolips), Fanatic (Killing Orion), Obsessive Tendencies, Psychological Disorder (Nihilist)
Reflexes: 8D
Brawling 19D, Dodge 13D, Melee Weapons 11D (Beta Club +3D)
Coordination: 8D
Marksmanship-Beta Club 11D
Physique: 36D
Leap 38D, Resistance 40D
Knowledge: 2D
Perception: 2D
Presence: 2D
Intimidation 12D, Willpower 13D
PDV: 8
Unarmed BDV: 8D
P/L Bonus: +18
Villain Points: 15 Body Points: 220
Character Points: 175 Natural Powers: Immortal, Immunity 12D, Invulnerable 11D

Equipment: Beta Club (BDV: 6Dx3, Energy Projection 12D, Mind Blast 12D)

History: (From The Apokolips Sourcebook by Mayfair Games)

Also known as the ‘Skourge’ of Apokolips, Kalibak the Cruel is Darkseid’s most ferocious warrior. Although he is not very smart, he makes up for it with sheer brute force and violence. Kalibak is Orion’s nemesis; the two half-brothers have had many incredible battles, although they always survive.

Kalibak is the son of Darkseid and the witch Suli. He inherited many of his father’s terrible traits but not his intelligence. He remains however one of Darkseid’s most trusted henchmen, often given such crucial tasks as guarding Apokolips’ most valuable machines, torturing captured heroes and killing the greatest threats to the current scheme.

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