Lashina / Duchess

Submitted by Menele

Real Name: Lashina
Base of Operations: Apokolips, Earth
Marital Status: Single
Race: New God
Advantages: Attractive Appearance, Contacts (Suicide Squad, Female Furies), Courage, Fast Reactions, Hardiness, Patron (Darkseid), Status (Female Furies-Military Rank) 7D, Technologically Advanced (Superior), Wealth 2D
Disadvantages: Employed, Fanatic, Obsessive Tendencies, Psychological Disorder (Split Personality
Reflexes: 10D
Brawling 12D, Climbing 12D, Dodge 12D, Drive 13D, Melee Weapons 13D (Lashes +2D), Piloting 12D, Riding 12D, Sneak 12D
Coordination: 10D
Catch 10D, Lockpicking 11D, Marksmanship 13D (Mega Gun +2D), Missile Weapons 13D, Thievery 12D, Thrown Weapons 13D
Physique: 27D
Leap 28D, Lifting 28D, Resistance 20D
Knowledge: 2D
Arcane Lore (New Gods) 4D, Computer Ops 5D, Demolitions 7D, Scholar 7D (Tactics, Strategy +4D), Science 8D, Security 6D
Perception: 3D
Engineering 8D, Invent 8D, Know How 8D, Repair 6D, Search 6D, Shadowing 8D, Survival 6D (Apokolips +2D)
Presence: 4D
Animal Handling 5D, Bluff 5D, Command 8D (Female Furies +1D), Interrogation 9D, Intimidation 11D, Persuasion 5D, Willpower 10D
PDV: 7
Unarmed BDV: 6D
P/L Bonus: +14
Villain Points: 10 Body Points: 145
Character Points: 115 Natural Powers: Immortality,Immunity, Invulnerability 2D

Equipment: Mega-Gun: (BDV: 8Dx3) Microwave Projection 9D (Duchess Only), Lashes: (BDV: 9Dx3) Lashina Only

History: (From The Apokolips Sourcebook by Mayfair Games)

Lashina is a Female Fury who lives up to her groups name; she is both beautiful and a fierce fighter. Lashina has been the second most powerful of the group for a long time; she was never quite as tough as Big Barda and has not yet successfully taken the command of the battalion away from Bernadeth.

Over her blue-black costume, Lashina wears flexible steel bands; known as Lashes. She is a master of these whip-like weapons, able to crack a boulder or snap a hero’s neck in half with a single blow.

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