Lilith, Mother of Monsters

The “Mother of Monsters” was intended to be a major baddie in the Marvel Universe. She dominated the Midnight Sons titles for several years in the early 1990s before finally fading away as the Midnight Sons books were canceled. She still remains an intriguing character with a lot of potential.

Real Name: Lilith
Advantages: Acting Ability, Ally (Zarathos), Followers (the Lilin), Infamy, Intimidating Grin, Leadership, Magically Adept, Magic Resistance, Observant
Disadvantages: Arrogance, Enemies (Ghost Rider, Midnight Sons)
Reflexes: 3D
Acrobatics 5D, brawling 6D, dodge 5D
Coordination: 2D
Marksmanship (magic blasts) 6D
Physique: 7D
Lifting 8D, resistance 12D
Knowledge: 3D
Arcane knowledge 10D, languages 6D
Perception: 3D
Survival 8D, tracking 4D
Presence: 4D
Charm 5D, command (Lilin) 10D, interrogation 6D, intimidation 7D, willpower 9D
PDV: 3
Unarmed BDV: 4D
P/l Bonus: + 4
Villain Points: 20 Body Points: 55
Character Points: 150 Natural Abilities: Immortality

Powers: Sorcery 12D, Natural Armor (toughened skin) 4D, Gift 10D (this is a unique form of the power, allowing Lilith to give “birth” to her children. Each child is an immortal being of great power, with maximum stats at 10D and lower — this ability may allow some beings, such as Blackout, to be reborn more powerful than before)

History: History comes from the Unofficial Appendix to the Marvel Universe

Very little is actually known about Lilith and what few facts that have been passed down about her are actually speculatory and often contradictory. She has often been referred to as the daughter of darkness, suggesting she may be the daughter of Aehr (Aer), the ancient god of darkness.

.She attempted to tempt Adam, the first man in Judeo-Christian theology. In fact, it was claimed she was created with Adam to be his wife, but she refused to be subservient to him. This contradiction may be an invention or mistranslation of Jewish tales repeated over thousands of years as a parable against wives.

Lilith fathered a number of children, the Lilin, possibly by the demon Asmodeus or via multiple sources. The vast majority of her children were slain, possibly by the Judeo-Christian God.

During the Sumerian Empire, Lilith lived in the desert beyond the Euphrates River from where she abducted unbaptised children.

In later Hebrew Legend, Lilith was subsequently destroyed by Senoy, Sansenoy and Semangol, three servants of God, who scattered her remains across Earth to never come together again.

BTS – She lived in Atlantis and survived its destruction, in the Great Cataclysm, @ 16, 500 BC. However, at some point, Atlantean sorcerers imprisoned her within the belly of “a leviathan.”

(Ghost Rider III#28) – Possibly only as part of a vision of the future, the disembodied spirit of Dan Ketch encountered and is assaulted by Lilith.

(Spirits of Vengeance#1) – In Northern Greenland, Lilith emerged from the belly of “an ancient leviathan” in which she had dwelled for an unknown period of time. She killed the two scientist explorers who had witnessed her rebirth. She then used the entrails of her former prison as a medium to view the future and saw her children, the Lilin, defeated at the hands of Ghost Rider and Blaze. Lilith summoned Pilgrim to her aside and followed him through a portal in space to regather her remaining children to her side. They enlisted Creed, as well as Blackout, who is a more distant descendant, and Lilith sent them to attack GR and Blaze. Blaze killed Creed, and the other two fled back to Lilith, to gather more to their side before again challenging the Midnight Sons.

(Morbius#1) – Lilith, Pilgrim, and Blackout recruited Fang and Nakota at a Manhattan Gothic Club, in which she found an interest in Speed Metal music. She sent Fang to kill Morbius, which he attempted to do by adding his own poison blood to an elixir being used in an attempt to cure Morbius. The mixture did not kill Morbius, but instead mutated him into a more supernatural being.

(SoV#2) – Via Nakota, Lilith observed from a distance the battle between Steel Wind and Ghost Rider and Blaze. From this, she first learned of the existence of Centurious.

(GR30-BTS) – Apparently after an alliance with Lilith, Nightmare assaulted Dan Ketch/Ghost Rider. Lilith and the Lilin appeared in Nightmare’s illusions.

(Darkhold#1) – DeGuzman was contacted by the demonqueen Lilith. He contracted with a ninja assassin named Li and his agents to assassinate Victoria Montesi to prevent her from interfering with his plans for the Darkhold. Li’s assassins failed to kill Montesi, but instead crippled her best friends and lover, Nash Salvato. After this first failure, the Lilin Doc reshaped the assassins, increasing their strength and speed. The enhanced assassins were fought off and destroyed with the aid of Ghost Rider and John Blaze. Lilith observed this battle, but fled after being shot in the arm by Blaze. Nakota was left behind.

(SoV#3) – Lilith re-recruited Skinner and sent him after Ghost Rider and Blaze.

(Nightstalkers#1) – Meatmarket made Lilith a “quilt” from the skin of his victims, showing the faces of the nine who would be her foes (Blade, John Blaze, Sam Buchanon, Frank Drake, Ghost Rider/Ketch, Louise Hastings, Hannibal King, Victoria Montesi, Morbius). Lilith posed as a client for Borderline investigations and duped the Nightstalkers into attacking Ghost Rider and Blaze. Lilith attempted to bait Dr. Strange into pitting his sorcery against hers, but he refused, knowing that such a conflict would weaken the dimensional walls and allow more of her Lilin to return to Earth. Lilith left after Blade decapitated Meatmarket, taking him away to repair him.

(GR31) – Lilith used the carcass of the leviathan in which she had been buried to restore Meatmarket, with the aid of Doc. Lilith then had Pilgrim open a portal through her own body, through which she planned to return the rest of the Lilin to Earth. The “nine” arrived to stop her. Lilith pulled the then-disembodied spirit of Dan Ketch (go read the issues!) through the portal, making it reborn as one of her Lilin. As the Ketch/Lilin battled them, Lilith attempted to transform the rest of the “nine” into Lilin as well. As they fought back against her, she was forced to resorb power from her other Lilin. Ghost Rider managed to grab her and force her own head into the portal in her chest, causing a massive explosion that seemingly destroyed her and the Lilin. However, after the “nine” left, Lilith revived and drained the life of Nakota, the last surviving Lilin to replenish herself.

(GR32-BTS) – Dr. Strange removed the Lilin-taint from Ketch and restored him to true-life, reemerging him with Ghost Rider in the process.

(SoV#13) – Due to the events of the “Midnight Massacre”, the “nine” have fallen somewhat and have succumbed to varying degrees of corruption. A fat and happy Lilith spoke with her children from across the dimensional gulf, deciding that it is time for a gathering.

(GR41) – Lilith is prepared to give birth to her brood once again, but is unable to birth the children without assistance. She called out to any of the Lilin remaining on Earth. Outcast answered Lilith’s call and tore her belly asunder, allowing the Lilin to be reborn anew. Blackout, in particular, is dramatically increased in power by being reborn through Lilith. Lilith sends Blackout, aided by Pilgrim, to wipe out the “nine” while they were weakened from recent events.

Lilith’s call was heard by Centurious who thought she might aid him in his quest for the Medallion of Power, and he traveled to Greenland to meet with her and propose an alliance. The Ghost Rider overpowered Blackout and Pilgrim, but Centurious then appeared and abducted Dan Ketch’s mother, Francis.

(SoV#14) – Lilith sent the Lilin, alongside Steel Wind, to attack the Quentin Carnival–allies of John Blaze. She watched as Centurious had Carver torture Francis Ketch for information, and watched again as Centurious captured John Blaze.

(Morbius#13, [14], 15) – Through Nakota’s eyes, Lilith observed Morbius utilize the Darkhold’s Page of Resurrection in an effort to revive his dead lover, Martine Bancroft. The spell allowed the Lilin Parasite to reanimate Martine’s form. By this means, as well as Morbius’ possession by Bloodthirst, Lilith hoped to turn Morbius to her side. Lilith allowed Morbius to remain part of the “nine”, so that he could weaken their number from within.

(GR42) – Lilith observed as Carver went to work on John Blaze in an effort to obtain his portion of the Medallion. After Ghost Rider arrived and rescued Blaze, she traveled with Centurious and his agents to Cypress Hills Cemetery where they planned to take the Medallions form both Ghost Rider and Blaze.

(SoV#15) – Lilith observed as Centurious tapped into the power of Ghost Rider’s chain.

(GR43) – Lilith, alongside Centurious, Blackout, and Outcast, confronted Blaze, Ghost Rider, Caretaker, and Vengeance in the catacombs beneath Cypress Hills Cemetery. In the course of the battle, Zarathos was released from Centurious’ form.

(SoV#16) – The heroes fled from Zarathos, and Lilith abandoned Centurious in favor of Zarathos. Lilith summoned Pilgrim and Nakota to her side, and she took advantage of Zarathos’ temporary partial memory loss to pose as a mother figure to him. Centurious attacked Lilith, hoping to punish her for her betrayal, but Zarathos banished him from their sight. The heroes returned to the fight, and by accessing the energies of the Medallion(s) of Power, succeed in driving back Zarathos, Lilith, and the Lilin. A portal opened up, and the demons were pulled into the Shadowside dimension, although the heroes believed them to have been killed.

(Nightstalk#14) – The Lilin burst forth from the now open portal to the Shadowside, attacking the now fully gathered “nine.” Frank Drake, Blade, Louise Hastings, Jinx, and Modred investigated the fog issuing forth from the portal and were confronted by Lilith.

(GR44) – Alongside Zarathos and a large number of Lilin, Lilith returned through the portal back into Cypress Hills Cemetery. She sent the Lilin to spread the mist across Earth, and its magical energies would enable her to rule Earth more easily, with Zarathos at her side. The assault of the Lilin and Zarathos on the “nine” was temporarily halted by Dr. Strange, who formed a mystic shield between them and then teleported them to safety.

(Marvel Comic Presents#143) – Strange’s teleportation spell was disrupted by Pilgrim, and Ghost Rider, Blaze, and Zarathos were teleported to Girth and Skitter, who attacked them. Pilgrim then brought himself, Lilith, and Zarathos to the battle, but the heroes escaped into another of Strange’s dimensional portals, and Blaze blasted Pilgrim to prevent a similar occurrence.

(Darkhold#15) – Lilith, her Lilin, and Zarathos ambush the Darkhold Redeemers in their New Hope mansion. By combining their powers via a spell of magnification, Modred and Jinx dispelled the Lilin. Zarathos threw up a shield that defended them for the moment, but Jinx heard misinformation from Frank Drake that Modred had killed Louise Hastings, and turned against him, neutralizing both of them. Drake prepared to face off against the two arch-demons, but was then ambushed from behind by Morbius, still under control of Bloodthirst — the real killer of Louise.

(Morb#16) – Morbius returned to Dr. Strange’s Sanctum, and his Lilin possessed presence allowed the rest of the Lilin to break through Strange’s barriers and assault those present. Lilith arrived via Pilgrim, and attempted to convince the heroes to surrender the Amulet of Power, and she would leave them with their lives. Again, Strange refused to battle Lilith directly for fear of the damage that could be done to the dimensional walls. Strange helped Morbius bring Bloodthirst back under his control, but the rest of the “nine” still distrusted and attacked him.

(MCP#144/2) – Lilith convinced Zarathos to conserve his strength and leave with her while the Lilin finished off the nine. Pilgrim teleported the three of them away.

(Dr.Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#60) – Strange reformed the shields around his sanctum and forced the Lilin out. However, in an effort to purge the demon taint from his sanctum, he was forced to destroy it. Lilith and a number of her Lilin were waiting on the outside to start the battle anew.

(SoV#17) – Lilith left her Lilin to continue the fight, while she and Zarathos consummated their relationship in a mausoleum within Cypress Hills Cemetery. Afterwards, Ghost Rider, Vengeance, and Blaze arrived to confront them, and Lilith told Zarathos “Fight with the knowledge that, no matter what the outcome, your lien will be continued. This I promise.” Zarathos was temporarily defeated by the heroes, and Lilith and her Lilin were re-banished back to the Shadowside dimension.

(Midnight Sons Unlimited#4) – After Zarathos was defeated/banished/turned to stone by the nine (now known as the Midnight Sons), Lilith appeared in the cemetery by the abandoned statue. She vowed to leave behind her old children, the Lilin, in order to be a devoted mother to the new offspring she and Zarathos had fashioned. She predicted that it would grow swift and strong and steeped in tales of its father’s greatness.

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