Submitted by Damon A Troutman

Real Name: Joey Cabone
Advantages: Acting Ability- 3D, Contact <former gang members>, Intimidating Grin, Leadership Ability -2D, Preparedness -4D
Disadvantages: Center of Conversation+1D, Dark Secret +3D, Delusions of Grandeur +3D, Enemy+6D, Extremely Competitive, Fugitive +3D, Shady Background +2D
Reflexes: 5D
Brawling 6D, dodge 7D
Coordination: 4D
Catch (energy only) 14D, marksmanship (energy blast only) 14D
Physique: 5D (32D)
resistance 12D (39D)
Knowledge: 3D
Computer ops 5D, languages (Japanese) 4D
Perception: 3D
Artist 4D, hide 4D, know-how (powers) 11D
Presence: 5D
Intimidation 11D
PDV: 4
Unarmed BDV: 4D
P/l Bonus: + 2 (+ 16)
Villain Points: 12 Body Points: 44 (175)
Character Points: 152 Powers : all powers have the limit (only when irradiated)

Superattributes (physique) 22D, Energy Absorption 10D, Energy Manipulation 15D

Equipment: Irradiated Necklace

History: The criminal known as Meltdown was a normal street thug and a resident gang leader. That is until he met Lex Luthor for the first time. The meeting seemed to go rather well. He would pull off jobs for Luthor. Then Superman entered the picture. A job at Cadmus ended with meltdown staring down the man of steel over a vat of experimental Kryptonite-plutonium mixture. The struggle ended with Joey falling into the mixture. Superman tried to save him but failed in the attempt. Then things got weird after Joey got out of the mix.

Meltdown was Joey Cabone no longer. The mixture irradiated his bones to the point where they glow in the dark. Much like a glow stick. It was not a big difference in his day to day life. After a few days Joey started to mysteriously bulk up. H was getting stronger by the day. Soon he accidentally killed his right hand man just by touching him. The radiation was not killing him. He was getting stronger by the day thanks to the radioactive mix. Soon he got the confidence to face the one person he hated most Superman.

Meltdown quickly gained a reputation for grisly crimes. Basically to quote Deadlands hell on earth. Nuking them till they glow and glow they did. Victims of the touch of Meltdown got a bad case of radiation poisoning. Then again much like his origin the man of steel intervened.

This time Meltdown would get even or so he thought. Superman took three steps toward meltdown and nearly fainted. It seems that meltdown was generating low level Kryptonite radiation and thanks to a smart minion Meltdown knew just what to do run. Then he tried the same stunt again with different results. That time Superman brought a lead shield created by Cadmus and armor courtesy of Green Lantern that time Superman got the upper hand But Meltdown got away and Metropolis’ citizens are not sleeping good knowing that Meltdown is loose. Meltdown has a bit of a power trip in his frame. He recently joined the Injustice Gang and held sway second to Luthor himself. He then got a sporadic burst of confidence and formed a version of the Injustice Gang of his own, consisting of Meltdown himself, Doomsday, Lobo, a female villain named Live Wire, the Joker, Harley Quinn, Solomon Grundy and the Trickster. He used his irradiative powers to imitate the same radiation that the Justice League used for their teleporters and beamed his gang straight to the satellite and attacked as part of the Lord of Time’s plan to conquer all of time.

Strangely enough, Meltdown was last seen in the future helping the Legion battle a villain.

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