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Force Manipulation Submitted by Terry Heinemann

Die Code Cost: 25D

Necessary Skills: Know How (Control), Know How (Sense), and Know How (Alter)

Special Notes: A force using character learns to manipulate the force separately from developing power with the force. When a character gets a die in the Know How (ability) skill, he or she also learns a new force skill in that abilities collection. If a character gets a die in two or more of the force ability know how skills, the character has the option of getting a force skill from one of the combination lists. However, the Know How (ability) die code does not control the power, the die code of the power does. The Know How (ability) die code is simply to show how much the character has learned in the ways of force skills.

Dark side Characters: Characters receive an automatic success for every villain point they have. This is to simulate the artificial power of the dark side. Also for every villain point beyond the first that a character gets they, they innately learn a new dark side force skill. After the first 5 villain points that a character receives, the character also receives a miscellaneous quirk, such as a psychological disorder, physical disability, or obsessive tendency … Basically the character begins getting corrupted by the dark side, and begins gaining disadvantages for such. When a character with Force Manipulation gets a villain point, they must sacrifice a hero point, in addition to the normal rules for atonement, in order to get rid of it. This simulates the difficult act of repenting from the dark side.

Aspects of the power:

  • 1D: Hero is considered Force Sensitive and would be able to be taught the force by a Master.
  • 2D: Hero selects to have either Control, Sense, or Alter at half of the die code. 3D: Hero selects to have another ability of the force (Control, Sense, or Alter) at half the die code.
  • 4D: Hero receives the last of the force abilities at half the die code.
  • 6D: Hero can now use 2D force ability aspect at die code.
  • 8D: Hero can now use 3D force ability aspect at die code.
  • 10D: Hero can now use 4D force ability aspect at die code.

City Manipulation Submitted by Barry Reese

(Power suggested by the RPG mailing list)

Base Cost: 15
Specialization Base Cost: 5
Duration: Semipermanent
Range: Normal
Specializations: Specific aspect, specific areas or portions of a city, specific city
BDV: none
Description: The hero is specially attuned to life within an urban enviroment. This enviroment may be a specific city or may encompass many different cities of differing types. A hero with this ability will begin to suffer debilitating effects if removed from a city enviroment. The degree that this suffering takes is dependent on the character conception, but may range from loss of powers to eventual death. City Manipulation is a potentially potent ability and, as with all Manipulation powers, should be closely monitored by the GM.

City Manipulation Aspects

Die Code of Power Aspect of Power
1D Character is able to thrive in an urban enviroment by feeding on the pollution present in the air. Functions as Sustenance.
3D Character is psychically attuned to the city and hears its ‘whispers’ in his head. Functions as Speak with Inanimates.
5D Character is able to travel from any point in the city to any other point in the same city. Functions as Teleportation, but is limited to a citywide range.
7D Character is able to manipulate the terrain by “requesting” its assistance. Functions as Earth Manipulation.
10D Character is able to travel from city to city. Functions as Teleportation (long-range).
15D Character is able to meld with the city itself, effectively becoming one with it. In this state, he is aware of any activity within the city and may locate a specific individual with ease. Functions as ESP. He may also enter into a state of Suspended Animation by physically merging with the city.

Insect Manipulation submitted by Stinky Lebrew

Base Cost: 18
Specialization Base Cost: 5
Description: The hero can manipulate insects.

Insect Manipulation Aspects

Die Code of Power Aspect of Power
1D The hero can summon and control small, non-biting insects. The insects will crawl or fly about a target for one round, creating a haze of distraction by getting in eyes and ears, etc. The Target will take a penalty to all actions equal to ½ the die code in the power rounded up.
5D The hero can summon stinging and biting insects. The insects will attack the target for one round having a BDV equal to the die code in the power.
8D The hero can sheath himself in insects. The insects provide the hero with an armor value equal to the die code in the power. This also increases his Intimidation rolls by ½ his die code in the power rounded down.
11D The hero can transform himself into a swarm of insects. He gains an armor value equal to 3 times the die code of the power. He also can gain the ability to fly at the die code in the power. His intimidations are increased by ½ his die code in the power rounded down.
15D The hero can transform himself directly into a single insect. At any given time he may take on one aspect of the following. He may gain a superattributes: physique or reflexes (only one) at the die code equal to the power (this represents him turning into an oversized insect), he may shrink in size to that of a normal insect (this allows him to retain his mental stats but reduces all physical stats to 1D, the hero’s Stealth and Hide skills gain a modifier to success equal to ½ his die code in the power) or the hero may gain a speed manipulation: actions or mobility (choose one) equal to the die code of the power.

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