The Orb is a villain from the 1970s who frequently clashed with the original Ghost Rider. He seemingly died in an issue of Avengers Spotlight, but a guy with a giant eyeball helmet deserves to be brought back to bedevil somebody’s PCs. The Orb is not very powerful, but he can augment his danger-level by hypnotizing innocents into doing his bidding.

Real Name: Drake Shannon
Advantages: Contacts (They Who Wield Power, Madame Menace), Followers (motorcycle gang)
Disadvantages: Arrogance, Enemy (John Blaze/Ghost Rider), Hideous Appearance
Reflexes: 3D
Brawling 4D, dodge 4D, driving 5D (motorcycles + 5D)
Coordination: 2D
Marksmanship 3D (eye-blasts + 3D), sleight of hand 3D
Physique: 2D
Lifting 3D, resistance 3D
Knowledge: 2D
Demolitions 4D, navigation 3D
Perception: 2D
Repair (motorcycles) 5D, shadowing 4D, streetwise 5D, survival 5D, tracking 4D
Presence: 3D
Bluff 4D, disguise 4D
PDV: 2
Unarmed BDV: 3D
P/l Bonus: + 1
Villain Points: 8 Body Points: 29
Character Points: 60

Equipment: The Orb’s abilities are derived from the equipment he carries, most of which was provided by They Who Wield Power.

  • Motorcycle [The Orb’s bike is just like those described in the main rulebook, though it has been specially modified to be a stunt-bike. It gives + 1D to all Driving (Motorcycle) rolls.]
  • Orb Helmet [Body Points 80, provides an AV of 22 to head only, Mind Control (Hypnotism) 10D, Energy Projection 8D
History: Drake Shannon was an ace stunt motorcyclist, infamous for his reckless driving. Early in his career Shannon met with another stunt motorcyclist named Crash Simpson, and the two began a cycle show together. However, difference in attitudes towards safety soon created discord between the two cyclist; Simpson, a cautious and calculating cyclist began to view Shannon as “a menace on wheels”, and in turn Shannon called his partner a “weak-kneed fool”.

Both Shannon and Simpson realized that their partnership was doomed, but since neither was willing to sell out his share of the show they decided to arrange their difference in a cross-country race to the finish. The two motorcyclists raced for many miles without any of them managing to gain on the other. Determined to claim ownership of the entire cyclist show, and having no qualms about using unethical means to further his ends, Shannon eventually tried to knock Simpson out of the race. But Shannon failed and lost control of his cycle. Shannon was thrown out of his motorcycle at 95 miles per hour, and his momentum sent him scattering along the tarmac for more than 25 yards on his face.

Shannon survived his accident and remained hospitalized for many weeks, but the doctors were unable to repair the extensive damage his face had suffered. While still in hospital Shannon was visited by Simpson who told his ex-partner that he was sorry about the way things turned out. Angered by what he believed to be his ex-partner’s mocking words, Shannon snapped at Simpson and vowed to one day reclaim the cyclist show as his own.

Released from hospital, Shannon soon realized that his countenance was so gruesome that it would forever deny him a place in a normal human society. With his self-confidence shattered, Shannon decided to lead a hermitic existence to avoid ridicule and pity from the rest of the world; Shannon would spend the next following years in hiding.

In the meantime, Crash Simpson had a fatal accident while trying to achieve the most ambitious stunt of his career. His stunt show was inherited to his daughter, Roxanne, and would soon be joined by Johnny Blaze, the supernatural crime fighter also known as the Ghost Rider.

Shannon’s self-imposed exile was eventually interrupted by the brotherhood known as They Who Wield Power. For reasons of their own, They outfitted Shannon with a spherical, eye-like helmet with hypnotic qualities, and other advanced weapons and paraphernalia. With his self-confidence now restored Shannon, calling himself the Orb, determined to use his new-found equipment to reclaim ownership of his old cyclist show.

Shannon and a biker gang under his control interrupted a performance of Roxanne Simpson and Johnny Blaze at Madison Square Garden. Shannon used the hypnotic powers of his helmet to entrance the entire audience in the show, and kidnapped Roxanne. Despite the efforts of the Ghost Rider and the costumed crime fighter known as Spider-Man, Shannon and his gang managed to avoid capture, and fled with Roxanne as their hostage.

Shannon intended to hold Roxanne for ransom; her life in return for the deeds to her show. However, the Ghost Rider and Spider-Man managed to track down Shannon and his men into their subway hideaway, and confronted the Orb with forgeries of the deeds to the Simpson show. Believing the forgeries to be real deeds, Shannon attempted to slay the crime fighter and claim them. In the ensuing conflict, the two crime fighters managed to rescue Roxanne, and defeated Shannon’s men. Shannon himself, with the forgeries at hand, tried to flee the scene on his motorbike. Spider-Man and the Ghost Rider feverishly pursued Shannon throughout New York City’s subway system, until the Orb was seemingly killed in a crash with an oncoming subway train.

Surviving his crash, Shannon returned repeatedly to plague the lives of Roxanne Simpson, Johnny Blaze, and Blaze’s demonic alter ego and pursue a life of crime.

More recently, Shannon was stealing and delivering contraband for a motorcycle gang based in a city within the Californian desert. The hero Hawkeye stumbled onto his crimes and attempted to apprehend the criminal, but the resultant clash left the two stranded in the desert, their vehicles and the Orb’s helmet broken beyond repair. The two tried to make their way back to civilization but, instead, found a dome housing an artificial biosphere created by the villainous Plantman. Hawkeye defeated Plantman’s latest scheme to destroy humanity before helping Shannon escape the dome. Lost once more, the two eventually found the city that was Shannon’s original destination. Shannon wasted no time in eliciting help from the motorcycle gang in order to hunt and kill Hawkeye, but, unknown to Shannon, the gang had been replaced by plant-based humanoid simulacra created by Plantman. The gang allowed Shannon to lead them to Hawkeye, whereupon they shot Shannon dead. Hawkeye escaped with help from his team, the Avengers’ West Coast branch.

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