Submitted by Pampero

Real Name: Pablo Avila
Base of Operations: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Marital Status: Married
Race: Human
Advantages: Ally (Super-Malon), Contact(Flash III), Courage, Leadership Ability, Photographic Memory
Disadvantages: Dependant(Alba Avila, Carmen Avila), Fanatic (Defending Justice), Secret I.D., Shady Background (orphaned).
Reflexes: 3D
Athletics 4D, Brawling 7D, Dodge 5D (While Flying +2D), Riding 5D
Coordination: 3D
Catch 4D, Marksmanship (Energy Blasts) 8D, Thrown Weapons 4D (Bolas +2)
Physique: 4D (20D)
Lifting 8D (24D), Resistance 7D (23D)
Knowledge: 3D
Computer Ops 5D, Languages 5D (English), Research 4D, Scholar 5D (Argentine History +5D)
Perception: 3D
Streetwise 6D (Buenos Aires), Streetwise 4D, Survival 4D, Tracking 5D
Presence: 3D
Charm 5D, Command 8D, Interrogation 5D Intimidation 6D, Persuasion 6D, Willpower 12D
PDV: 2 (3 while in the air)
Unarmed BDV:
P/l Bonus: +
Hero Points: 18 Body Points: 101
Character Points: 132 Powers: Microwave Projection (Energy Blasts come out of hands) 10D, Body Armor 3D (Thick Skin), Gravity Manipulation 10D, Flight 9D, Super Attribute-Physique 16D [Bonuses: Hardiness, Increased Thrown Range, Objects lifted won’t collapse under their own weight, Increased damage to inanimate objects]


History: Little or nothing is known about these south-american heroes, the Super-Malon. Pampero, their fierce leader, its always followed by Bagual, Cachiru, Cimarron, Lobizon, Salamanca, Vizcacha y Yaguarete. The group, settled in an island 20 miles north of Buenos Aires, has shared adventures with Wally West, the 3rd Flash.

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