Pied Piper


Submitted by Eric Woodrum

Real Name: Hartley Rathaway
Advantages: Attractive appearance (-2D); courage (-2D); mechanical aptitude (-2D); wealth (-4D)
Disadvantages: Fanatic (will not kill) (+3D); low self-esteem (+2D); phobia (losing his hearing) (+5D); physically limited (hearing artificially repaired) (+3D); shady background (+2D)
Reflexes: 2D
Dodge 3D, Sneak 4D
Coordination: 2D
Lockpicking 4D, Sleight of Hand 4D, Thievery 4D
Physique: 3D
Knowledge: 4D
Criminology 5D, Medicine 5D (+2D sound technology), Scholar 5D, Science 5D
Perception: 4D
Artist 5D (+2D flute), Engineering 6D, Invent 6D (+2D sound technology), Repair 5D (+2D hypnotic flute), Streetwise 5D (+2D Keystone/Central City)
Presence: 2D
Charm 3D, Willpower 4D
PDV: 2
Unarmed BDV : 1
P/l Bonus: + 1
Hero Points: 5; Villain Points: 12 Body Points: 33
Character Points: 134

Powers : 10D Mind Control (removable, linked to hypnotic flute; complete control of anyone who hears the sound of the flute)

Equipment: Hypnotic flute; Hearing-Aid (able to block sound from hypnotic flute)

History : Born deaf, Hartley Rathaway was cured of his condition due to the works of Dr. Will Magnus (works funded by his wealthy father). He became obsessed with sound, eventually developing new techniques and experiments with sonic technology. His greatest breakthrough came when he discovered that one could use particular sounds to hypnotize the hearer. Bored with his wealthy lifestyle, Hartley took up a life of crime, often clashing with the second Flash, Barry Allen.

However, shortly after Barry Allen’s death, Hartley reformed. He became a valuable ally of Wally West, the former Kid Flash, and helped him on many occasions. All of that changed, however, when he was framed in the murder of his parents. The truth eventually came out: that his parents had, in fact, been murdered by Mirror Master (a fellow Rogue). But by this point, the damage had been done.

It was revealed that the Pied Piper’s reform had actually been due to the machinations of the Top, who had used his powers to influence many of the Rogues to give up their criminal behaviors. Following the Top’s restoring Pied Piper’s mind, Hartley – faced with the memories of the friendship he had formed with Wally – chose not to return to his former life of crime.

Since then, Hartley has rarely returned to his costumed identity. He continues to flirt with the line between hero and villain.

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