Saturn Girl


Submitted by Brian Mendus

Real Name: Imra Ardeen
Base of Operations: Metropolis, Earth
Marital Status: Single
Race: Titanian
Advantages: Allies (Legion of Super-Heroes), Attractive Appearance, Charismatic, Contacts: RJ Brande, Micah Aven, Observant, Sixth Sense, Technologically Advanced, Wealth
Disadvantages: Age, Depression (in remission)
Reflexes: 3D
Brawling 5D, Dodge 4D, Martial Arts 4D, Piloting 4D (Legion Cruiser +2D)
Coordination: 2D
Physique: 2D
Running 3D
Knowledge: 3D
Criminology 4D, Languages 5D (English +1D), Medicine (First Aid) 4D, Security 4D
Perception: 4D
Know-How (Mind Control, Telepathy) 8D each, Search 6D, Tracking 5D
Presence: 4D
Bluff 5D, Charm 5D, Command 6D (Legion of Super-Heroes +2D), Intimidation 5D, Persuasion 6D, Willpower 7D
PDV: 3
Unarmed BDV: 2D/1D
P/L Bonus: +1
Hero Points: 3, Villain Points: 0 Body Points: 30
Character Points: 42 Powers: Mental Blast 8D (12D), Mind Control 9D (13D), Telepathy 12D (16D)
The die codes and limitations in parenthesis are Saturn Girl’s stats without Aven’s mental block (-4D each). In addition, Mind Control and Telepathy gain the limitation (May be triggered subconsciously [Narrator rolls a Wild Die … Critical Failure indicates activation with a Duration of Permanent], though Saturn Girl may not be aware of the activation, -4D each) when the block is down. If aware of these powers activating, she may use an action to deactivate them

Equipment: Legion Flight Ring [AV 15, BP 50, flight +4D, Flight 3D]

History: On Titan, the only inhabited satellite of the planet Saturn, most of the population has mental powers. Imra, however, is believed by most to be the most powerful natural telepath of her generation.

She came to Earth to finish Science Police training, but instead became one of the three founding Legionnaires. U.P. society has a certain amount of prejudice against telepaths, who are forced to display an image of the planet Saturn when among non-telepaths, to warn of their abilities. Imra sees herself as a sort of ambassador for Titanian telepaths, and adopted the name “Saturn Girl” as a direct confrontation of popular prejudice.

A naturally inquiring mind, combined with her ability to learn almost anything virtually instantaneously, makes Imra one of the more scientifically astute Legionnaires. Only Invisible Kid and Brainiac 5 can even approach Imra’s breadth of knowledge (although she has nowhere near the depth of knowledge of the other two in their respective specialties).

When she was a child, Imra’s mentor, the master-telepath Aven, placed mental blocks on her powers for her own protection. Those blocks have only recently been released, and Imra is only beginning to realize what the full scope of her abilities is. Although she went through a period of dangerous instability when her blocks fell (during which she subconciously manipulated the emotions of her fellow Leginnaires), she now appears to have full control of her enhanced powers.

Although she refused to face her feelings for some time, Imra has recently confessed her love for the utterly devoted Garth.

Schooled since infancy to control her emotions, Imra can appear cold and haughty to those who don’t know her (her attitude is particularly brusque when she’s confused or under stress). Her closest female friend in the Legion is her boyfriend’s sister Spark (despite some past tension when Ayla suspected Imra of toying with her brother’s emotions).

She has one sibling, a younger sister named Jancel, who’s acutely jealous of the attention lavished on her older sister (unfairly so, since Jancel has never had to face the punishing training Imra has been coping with for her entire life.)

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