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Real Name: Hank Heywood III
Base of Operations: Detroit, mobile
Marital Status: Single
Race: Human
Advantages: Acute Senses (vision, hearing), Allies (JLA), Attractive Appearance, Charismatic, Contact (U.S. Military), Fast Reactions, Hardiness, Wealth
Disadvantages: Impulsiveness
Reflexes: 3D (5D)
Acrobatics 5D (7D), brawling 5D (7D, backhand,haymaker,instant stun+1D each), climbing 5D (7D), dodge 6D (8D), melee weapons 4D (6D), piloting 6D (8D)
Coordination: 3D (5D)
Thrown weapons 5D (7D)
Physique: 3D (10D)
Leaping 4D (11D), lifting 4D (11D), running 4D (11D)
Knowledge: 3D
Perception: 3D
Search 5D
Presence: 3D
Interrogation 5D, intimidation 7D, willpower 5D
PDV: 3 (4)
Unarmed BDV: 3D (4D)
P/l Bonus: + 2 (+ 5)
Hero Points: 8 Body Points: 69
Character Points: 60 Powers: Natural Armor: (bioretardant flesh and steel frame)6D [provides material bonus +2], Superattributes: Reflexes and Coordination 2D, Physique 7D, Supersenses: Vision(infrared and telescopic)5D [add 1D to Thrown Weapons when using vision]; Hearing 5D

Equipment: Armor mesh costume: AV 16; Body Points 75

Note: The combination of Natural Armor and Armor mesh costume provide Steel an AV of 34.

History: Hank Heywood III was the grandson of the original Hank Heywood, who operated as the hero known as Commander Steel during the Second World War. When the younger Hank was in his mid-teens, his grandfather forced him to undergo a similar series of operations that he himself had undergone in the early 1940s. Commander Steel wanted to turn Hank into a superhuman to spare him the death that had befallen his son durring the Vietnam War. These operations replaced all of Heywoods bones with case- hardened steel supports and supplemented his muscularture with hydraulic motors that increased his strength and stamina.

When the elder Heywood learned that the JLA had disbanded and reformed, he offered the team the use of his Bunker in Detroit in hopes that the League would accept Steel into their ranks and tutor him in the use of his abilities. The League accepted and jetted out to their new HQ.

Although Steel harbored a great deal of resentment toward his grandfather for subjecting him to the painful series of operations, he proved an eager student and served the League well. Steel’s feud with his grandfather came to a head durring the “Crisis” when the older Heywood decided that the Justice League was influencing Hank to rebel against his grandfathers’s wishes. The Heywoods fought a terrific battle that ended when Steel was catapulted through a time warp to the far future. After an encounter with the JLA’s old foe, the Lord of Time, Steel returned to the present to discover that his grandfather had evicted the JLA from the Bunker.

Sadly, Steel was killed by one of Proffesor Ivo’s super-androids durring the insane scientist’s campaign to kill the JLA.

History taken from DC Heroes Justice League Sourcebook

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