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Real Name: Steppenwolf
Base of Operations: Apokolips
Marital Status: Single
Race: New God
Advantages: Charismatic, Fast Reactions, Leadership Ability, Obscure Knowledge, Patron (Darkseid), Status (Darkseid’s Ruling Elite) 15D, Technologically Advanced (Superior)
Disadvantages: Employed (Commander of the Dog Cavalry), Fanatic (Power Lust), Obsessive Tendencies, Unattractive Appearance
Reflexes: 10D
Brawling 17D, Dodge 13D, Drive 14D, Martial Arts 15D, Melee Weapons 12D (Electro Axe +5D), Pilot 13D, Ride 12D
Coordination: 10D
Catch 12D, Marksmanship 12D (Electro Axe +4D), Missile Weapons 12D, Thrown Weapons 12D
Physique: 7D
Leap 9D, Lift 9D, Resistance 8D, Running 9D
Knowledge: 5D
Arcane Lore 7D (New Gods +4D), Computer Ops 8D, Demolitions 14D, Scholar 8D (Military Science, Strategy, Tactics +8D), Security 9D
Perception: 5D
Presence: 5D
Animal Handling 10D (Dog Cavalry +5D), Bluff 11D, Charm 12D, Command 12D (Dog Cavalry +4D), Intimidation 13D, Persuasion 11D, Willpower 13D
PDV: 8
Unarmed BDV: 7D/1D
P/L Bonus: +4
Villain Points: 30 Body Points: 60
Character Points: 240 Natural Powers: Immortality

Equipment: Electro Axe (BDV: 11D) – Energy Projection (Electricity) 10D (Limitation: Sheath), Energy Projection (Electricity) 12D

Note: The Electro Axe is mounted on a cable that can stretch for 12′.

History: (From The Apokolips Sourcebook by Mayfair Games)

Steppenwolf is Darkseid’s uncle and a member of the Elite, having served Queen Hegra as a commander of her Apokolips soldiers. He is tall and ugly, with yellow skin. Steppenwolf was the indirect cause of the first New Genesis war, when he battled his arch foe, Izaya the Inheritor. He is also the commander of the Dog Cavalry and because of his great military skills, general of most of Darkseid’s major invasions.

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