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Jango Fett

Submitted by Menele Real Name: Jango Fett Base of Operations:Slave I, Mobile Marital Status: Single Race: Human Advantages: Acute Balance, Acute Senses (Hearing), Contacts (Informational Sources), Courage, Fast Reactions, Observant, Preparedness, Quick Draw (Blaster Pistol), Wealth 6D Disadvantages: Dependant (Boba), … Continue reading

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Kid Quantum II

Submitted by Brian Mendus Real Name: Jazmin Cullen Base of Operations: Metropolis, Earth Marital Status: Single Race: Xanthuan Advantages: Ally (Legion of Super-Heroes, Uncanny Amazers), Contact (Prefect Lamarr), Fast Reactions, Leadership Ability, Technologically AdvanceD Disadvantages: Age, Extremely Competitive Reflexes: 4D … Continue reading

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