Thunder has potential, though it’s barely been scratched so far. I don’t like her being retconned in as Black Lightning’s daughter but once you get past that, I see some interesting possibilities here. These stats are through Outsiders #4.

Real Name: Anissa Pierce
Advantages: Allies (Outsiders, Black Lightning), Attractive Appearance, Gifted in Learning
Disadvantages: Enemies (Gorilla Grodd, Brother Blood, Outsiders’ rogues gallery), Secret Identity
Reflexes: 3D
Acrobatics 5D, brawling 4D, dodge 5D, martial arts 4D
Coordination: 2D
Physique: 2D (8D at maximum density)
Lifting 4D (10D at maximum density), resistance 3D (9D at maximum density)
Knowledge: 3D
Computer ops 5D, criminology 4D, medicine 7D, scholar 5D
Perception: 2D
Survival 4D
Presence: 2D
Charm 4D, willpower 3D
PDV: 3
Unarmed BDV: 3D/1D
P/l Bonus: + 2 (+ 5 at maximum density)
Hero Points: 5 Body Points: 29
Character Points: 45 Powers: Density Manipulation 6D

Though Anissa Pierce was born with metahuman abilities, she was sheltered from super-hero culture by her father, the adventurer known as Black Lightning. (So sheltered, in fact, that he never mentioned her to any of his friends or comrades!)

Her powers manifested at the age of eleven. She discovered that she was able to alter the density (and thus, the weight) of her body. After her parents divorced, Anissa lived with her mother and for the most part, she conceded to her parents’ wish that she pursue a higher education instead of costumed adventuring. At 22, she graduated in pre-med at the medical school of Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. The next day, she set out to fight crime.

She drew the attention of Arsenal, who after the demise of the Titans sought to assemble a new team of Outsiders. She accepted his offer, reasoning that her father might feel better about her crimefighting if she was in the company of others. (Outsiders v.3 #1)

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