Titanium Man

Titanium Man

Submitted by e-Man of Oregon

Real Name: Boris Bullski
Base of Operations: Russia, Former Soviet Union
Marital Status: Single
Race: Human
Advantages: Contacts (Russian Government), Courage, Mechanical Aptitude, Patron (Russian Government)
Disadvantages: Extremely Competitive, Impulsiveness, Sworn Enemy (Iron Man)
Reflexes: 2D (7D)
Brawling 8D (13D), Dodge 3D (8D), Piloting (+2D self) 3D (8D)
Coordination: 2D (6D)
Marksmanship 3D (7D), Missile Weapons 3D (7D)
Physique: 5D (31D)
lying 6D (32D), Leap 6D (32D), Lifting 8D (34D)
Knowledge: 2D
Computer Ops 3D, Navigation 3D, Security 4D
Perception: 2D
Repair (Armor) 4D, Survival 4D
Presence: 2D
Interrogation 4D, Intimidation 4D, Willpower 4D
PDV: 1 (4)
Unarmed BDV: 5D
P/l Bonus: + 2 (+17)
Hero Points: 4
Villain Points: 17
Body Points: 42
Character Points: 141 Equipment: Titanium Man Armor – not quite as potent as Iron Man’s equipment, but certainly powerful enough to give the Golden Avenger a tough time.

Body Points: 300

Armor Value: 32

Enhancement Modifiers: Superattributes – Reflexes 5D, Coordination 4D, Physique 26D

Powers: Flight 12D, Environment 7D, Sonar Sense 4D, Infravision 5D, Microwave Projection (laser beams) 9D

History: taken from the Unofficial Handbook of the Marvel Universe (archive)

Boris Bullski was a high-level Communist Party official in the Soviet government. His unbridled ambition within the Party, as well as his intimidating appearance (which won him the nickname of “Boris the Merciless”) garnered the disfavor of Kremlin officials, who transferred him to an administrative post at an obscure work camp in Siberia. Angered by the demotion, Bullski had the scientists create a suit of titanium armor containing highly sophisticated weaponry. The scientists were unable to duplicate Iron Man’s armor, so their product was nearly twice the size and weight of Iron Man’s suit, part of the volume being filled by Bullski’s large frame.

Bullski planned to use the armored suit to battle and defeat the American hero Iron Man. Iron Man accepted Bullski’s challenge, and, in a strenuous battle, defeated the Titanium Man in front of an international television audience.

Immediately Bullski began preparing for a rematch. He was subjected to unknown biological treatments that increased his physical size. The titanium armor suit was redesigned and made far more formidable. This time, the Titanium Man battled Iron Man in the sky over Washington, D.C., but was again defeated. Abandoned by the Soviet government, the Titanium Man subsequently served the Vietnamese Communist scientist known as Half-Face for a time but then was accepted back into the service of the Soviet government.

Later, Bullski tried again to defeat Iron Man, this time with the Soviet villain Crimson Dynamo, but was also unsuccessful. Fleeing from the Soviet government in disgrace, the Titanium Man and Crimson Dynamo found refuge in Vietnam. There, they teamed up with the Radioactive Man as the Titanic Three, champions of eastern Communism. The Titanic Three again went up against Iron Man, only to be defeated.

Somehow returning to the Soviet’s favor, Bullski was secreted by them to the United States in order to force a scientist named Sergei, who lived there, to create technologically sophisticated armored suits. Bullski threatened to harm his parents, who lived in the Soviet Union. Concealing his true identity under the alias of “the Commander,” Bullski organized the Green Liberation Front (GLF), a group of disaffected Vietnam veterans. He gave the GLF members Sergei’s newly-built armored suits, the so-called Credit Card Soldier armor, which could be transformed into small card-sized objects, and sent them to rob banks. The GLF members believed they were merely thieves, in fact, they were pawns in Bullski’s mission to plant a “computer feedback impulser” within the Federal Reserve Bank, collapsing the American economy.

The alien adventurer Beta Ray Bill fought the GLF and Bullski (as the Commander), who used an illusion-casting device to disguise the appearance of his titanium armor. Sergei, learning that his parents were already dead, exposed the commander as the Titanium Man. The GLF members, incensed at being deceived by a Soviet agent, attacked the Titanium Man, who activated a teleportation device to escape. His atoms were reassembled at his headquarters in the form of a credit card. Sergei then simply ripped up the card, depositing the pieces in a trash can.

Afterward, the Soviet scientist Gremlin wore a version of the Titanium Man’s armor, becoming a member of the Soviet Super Soldiers. The Gremlin died, however, after a battle with Iron Man, who destroyed the Titanium Man armor after he learned it was built with technology stolen from his own Stark Enterprises.

While Bullski was believed dead, the Soviet Union collapsed. Over time, the Russian colonel Valentin Shatalov conceived of Project: Remont, a plan to the restructure the Soviet system to the glory days of Stalin. By his machinations, the Crimson Dynamo was used to collect the pieces of the Titanium Man’s armor, which in the process villified the Dynamo which led him to give up the armor. (Crimson Dynamo became the hero Airstrike and Shatalov became a new Crimson Dynamo.) Bullski was then revived and inducted into Shatalov’s team, Remont: 4.}

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