Trigon The Terrible

Trigon The Terrible

Submitted by Menele

Real Name: Trigon
Base of Operations:
Marital Status: Widower
Race: Demon
Advantages: Infamy, Intimidating Grin, Leadership Ability, Tainted, Wealth
Disadvantages: Argumentative, Arrogant, Center of Conversation, Delusions of Grandeur, Enemy (Titans, Anything that is good), Fanatic, Long Winded, Narcissistic, Obsessive Tendencies, Pathological Liar, Psychological Disorder (Nihilist), Shady Background, Unattractive Appearance
Reflexes: 5D
Coordination: 5D
Marksmanship-Powers 12D
Physique: 35D
Knowledge: 5D
Arcane Lore 14D (Hell Dimensions, Azarath +3D), Scholar 8D
Perception: 10D
Know-How 15D (Powers +5D), Spellbind 12D
Presence: 12D
Bluff 13D, Charm 13D, Command 14D, Intimidation 15D, Willpower 17D
PDV: 3
Unarmed BDV: 1D
P/L Bonus: +17
Villain Points: 75 Body Points: 185
Character Points: 300 Natural Abilities: Immortal

Powers: Mind Control (Command) 40D (Mastery), Illusion 20D (Magically Empowered +8D), Matter Manipulation 25D (Magically Empowered +8D), Psychic Blast 25D (Magically Empowered +8D), Mind Blast 25D, Sorcery 40D, Teleportation 60D, Vampirism (Souls) 40D, Dimensional Travel 2D (Linked: Vampirism, Limitation: Focused, Limitation: Challenged +10D)


Roughly 900 years ago, a group of cultists led by a woman named Azar left the Earth and renounced their violent ways. Piercing the dimensional barrier, they created a pacifist community called Azareth, and lived their lives peacefully. The forces that they used to purge their former evil natures did not die, though. Instead it merged, growing in size and escaping through Azareth’s Great Door to another dimension.

Meanwhile, in another dimension entirely, the last inhabitants of a dying world succeeded in mating on of their mystic sect’s women with their god during a demon-worshipping function. This ritual inadvertently called on the evil, dimensional forces that had escaped through the Azareth Great Door. Nine Months later, the forces were reborn as the woman’s demon child; Trigon.

At birth, Trigon understood the power he possessed, and killed his mother. At the age of six, he destroyed his home world, and at the age of 30, he ruled his entire dimension and all of its inhabitants. Not satisfied with this, he planned a way to conquer and control all dimensions.

One Earth, during a pagan ritual, Trigon appeared as a handsome young man to a woman named Arella. After the ritual, in which he impregnated Arella with his seed, he revealed his true self to her disappearing. He watched as Arella went to the dimension of Azarath, where his child, a daughter named Raven, was born. He approached her at a young age, telling her that he was her father. She refused to acknowledge this at first, but did in the end in an attempt to save her mother. Trigon laughed as the two escaped, knowing that he could now control her daughter.

Spending decades trying to pierce the dimensional barrier to Earth, Trigon was held back from succeeding persistently by a group Azarethian sorcerers. Trigon did succeed at one point in crossing the barrier, but stopped when Raven agreed to stay by his side and rule. Returning to his dimension, he destroyed a planet that refused to submit to his will. Trigon began his assault on Earth again, but was stopped by the Teen Titans who forced him into a Nether-verse. Arella, who leapt into the portal to try to prevent Trigon from escaping again, joined him in the Nether-verse.

Trigon did escape though, and in an attempt to once again breach the dimensional barrier, he absorbed the billion souls that were resident in his dimension. To prevent any interference from Azareth, he sent his forces against them, succeeding in destroying them. He then joined Raven on Earth, who had succumbed to her father’s corrupt half of her soul. Together with Raven, they ravaged a large portion of the Earth, until the Titans (who were guided by Lilith) were able to kill the soulless body of Raven. Furious at his daughters supposed death, Trigon began to siphon the souls he had captured on Earth to power his return home. The spirit of Azar and the souls of the Azareth stopped him though. Using the bodily ties between Trigon and Raven, Azar funnelled all of Azareth’s ultimate light into Trigon, the ultimate dark being, and seemingly destroyed him forever.

Instead though, Trigon was alive inside the souls of Azareth, their power keeping him in check. The souls then went into the body of Joe (Jericho) Wilson, remaining dormant within him, waiting for the chance to live in a physical body again. Gaining control of Joe Wilson, they took over the Wildebeest society, and utilized their resources to kidnap the Titans, intent on using their bodies for a home for their souls. The souls of Azareth then took over the body of Raven, using her body to stop the Titans. The Titans defeated Raven with the help Danny Chase and Arella (who had the soul of Azar within her). Defeated, the souls left Azareth for a better place, except for a few.

When Raven’s body was killed, her soul lived on. Immediately, her soul was taken over by Trigon, who when the souls of Azarath were defeated, became free from their control. Raven’s soul became Trigon’s, causing him to live again. Through Raven, Trigon transferred his genetic code to various people, absorbing their souls in the process. When the Titans in space above New Tamaran confronted Raven, his body began to reform, but was destroyed. It can only be assumed that Trigon was ultimately destroyed.

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