Submitted by Brian Westcott

Real Name: Tasmia Mallor
Base of Operations: Metropolis, Earth
Marital Status: Single
Race: Talokian
Advantages: Acute Balance, Ally (Legion of Super-Heroes), Attractive Appearance, Courage, Fast Reactions, Technologically Advanced
Disadvantages: Age, Dark Secret (mysterious scandal), Delusions of Grandeur, Narcissistic
Reflexes: 4D
Acrobatics 6D, Brawling 5D, Climbing 6D, Dodge 8D, Martial Arts 6D, Piloting 5D (Legion Cruiser +2D), Sneak 6D
Coordination: 4D
Marksmanship (Darkness Blasts) 8D
Physique: 5D
Leap 6D, Running 6D, Swimming 6D
Knowledge: 4D
Arcane Lore 5D, Computer Ops 5D Know-How (Darkness Manipulation) 8D
Perception: 4D
Hide 5D, Shadowing 5D
Presence: 4D
Intimidation 5D, Willpower 6D
Unarmed BDV: 3D/2D
P/L Bonus: +2
Hero Points: 2 Body Points: 35
Character Points: 30 Powers: Darkness Manipulation 13D

Equipment: Legion Flight Ring [AV 15, BP 50, flight +4D, Flight 3D]

History: Tasmia grew up assuming that she’d automatically become Talok VIII’s protector when she came of age, since it had been her family’s role for generations. To her surprise, she was rejected for the post in the wake of a mysterious scandal.

Disgusted, she headed for Earth to answer an open call for new Legionnaires. Umbra believes joining the Legion will prove to the Talokians that she did indeed deserve to be their champion.

As a Legionnaire, Umbra is usually focused on her job, feeling there’s no time for fooling around, relaxing or making friends. She keeps mostly to herself, which causes some Legionnaires to regard her as an arrogant snot.

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