I was very interested in the Guy Gardner character during the JLI days, but I never followed his solo series so my exposure to his new powers and origins come mainly via his appearances in Green Lantern and the late, lamented Justice League America. A tough-guy, Guy is a lot of fun to use in a campaign. One last thing : recently, Beau Smith, who wrote most of the Warrior solo series, has mentioned that Guy is second only to Superman and Doomsday in terms of strength… Uh…. Right. I never saw that. The strength below reflects how he’s usually portrayed. Sorry, Beau.

Real Name: Guy Gardner
Base of Operations: New York City
Marital Status: Single
Race: Human / Vuldarian Hybrid
Advantages: Allies (Justice League, Green Lantern), Courage, Intimidating Grin
Disadvantages: Center of Conversation, Enemy (Dementor, Militia), Extremely Compettive, Public I.D.
Reflexes: 3D (6D)
Brawling 5D (8D), dodge 4D (7D), melee weapons 5D (8D)
Coordination: 3D (5D)
Marksmanship 5D (7D)
Physique: 4D (14D)
Leaping 5D (15D), lifting 7D (17D), resistance 5D (15D)
Knowledge: 2D
Demolitions 4D, medicine (first aid) 3D, scholar (mixed drinks) 4D
Perception: 2D
Streetwise 3D, survival 4D, tracking 4D
Presence: 3D
Bluff 4D, interrogation 5D, intimidation 5D, willpower 9D
PDV: 2 (4)
Unarmed BDV: 3D (4D)
P/l Bonus: + 3 (+ 8)
Hero Points: 15 Body Points: 85
Character Points: 110 Powers: Natural Weapons 11D, Projectiles 11D, Superattributes : Reflexes 3D, Coordination 2D, Physique 10D, Shapechanging 4D (linked to Natural Weapons), Healing (self-only) 4D

Note : Guy no longer has a Power Ring, but for those of you who prefer to play Guy during his JLI period, just remove the above powers and use the ones listed with the ring instead. Remember to deduct his Superattributes! Without his superstrength, his Body Points drop to 40.
Equipment: Power Ring [enhancement modifier : scholar + 20D, represents the ring’s database of knowledge, armor value 100, body points 1000 (when charged, 100 when not charged), Powers : Energy Manipulation 18D (limitations : Duration Change {concentration}, removable, side effect – most uses are green; enhancement : remote), Mimicry 9D (limitation : linked to Energy Manipulation, enhancement : mastery, may utilize any power in the database), ESP (other Green Lantern Corps members) 100D, Language Comprehension 9D, Healing (protection from mortal harm) 18D (limitation : Duration Change, this power only activates when wearer is in mortal danger), Self-Only, enhancement : mastery, works even if user is unconscious).
All powers have the following limitations : Ineffectiveness (yellow), Ineffectiveness (killing) and Rechargeable (once every 24 hours).]


The italicized portion below is taken from the Unofficial Guy Gardner Homepage (archive) :

Born the second son to Rolly and Peggy Gardner in Baltimore, Maryland, Guy was always considered second best. Guy’s only other sibling was the supposedly model son. Guy usually earned either his father’s apathy or anger. Guy first tried to win approval from his father by getting good grades in school. Once Guy figured out that he could not win he turned into a rebel. Guy started stealing cars, getting into fights and dropped out of high school. When Guy turned 18 he stole a car and was caught. Instead of going to jail the two cops took Guy to face his brother, Mace – who was a police officier. Mace knocked a handcuff Guy around, then gave Guy some money to help him turn his life around. Guy actually followed this brother advice, and credited Mace with saving his life. Guy worked several jobs and got his high school equivalency. Guy then worked his way through college, earning two bachelors degrees in education and pyschology, while occassionally reading engineering books, and participating in baseball, gymnastics, and football- in which he became an All American.

After Guy graduated he came back to Baltimore and became a teacher at Baltimore High. Guy was a favorite teacher with many of the students, as he truly cared about them and their future. On a school trip that Guy chaperoned to California, Guy was injured trying to save one of his student’s during an earthquake. Both Guy and the student were on a bridge that collapsed, and were saved from death by Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Hal recognized Guy as his alternate Green Lantern, a position Guy was unaware that he held. Due to Guy’s injury, Guy was passed over as Earth’s alternate Green Lantern in favor of John Stewart. After many months of being bed-ridden Guy recovered enough to walk with a cane. During this time he met psychic Kari Limbo, who informed him he was heir to a great tradition involving the color green. Guy and Kari started dating, and during the summer when Guy was off from teaching he travelled the country with Kari. It was on one of these trips, in New Mexico, when Guy first told of his love to Kari. At a later date in Coast City Guy was proposing to Kari when they were interrupted by a future timetraveling Guy and companions. Later on Guy was contacted by Hal Jordan and was informed that he was an alternate Green Lantern. Hal gave Guy a GL ring and informed him where his battery was while Hal was heading to Oa to check into power problems he was having. Unbeknownest to Hal, the problem was with his battery. When Guy tried to recharge his ring with Hal’s battery he was thrown into the phantom zone.

In consequence to Guy’s being thrown into the phantom zone and later being tortured by Sinestro, Guy suffered brain damage. During this time, though, Guy fought and defeated the interdimensional demon Sapol who was trying to find a way to Earth to conquer this dimension. Hal in the meantime came back to Earth but was not able to stop Guy from charging his ring with the bad battery. Guy was presumed dead, and Hal went to inform Kari of Guy’s fate. Kari was quite upset, but then latched onto Hal as the closest person resembling Guy. Hal had broken up with Carol Ferris and willingly entered into a relationship with Kari. It was on Hal and Kari’s wedding day that Guy psychic attempts to reach Kari finally paid off. Guy was able to see Hal and Kari in the dimension he was in, but try as he may he had only been able to make Kari pause briefly with his attempts to communicate. At Kari’s wedding, though, she went into a trance and scratched out in the dirt the shape of the phantom zone projector. Hal and Superman then went into the phantom zone and discovered Guy was still alive. Hal launched a plan to get Guy back, and fought Sinestro and a braindamaged and angry Guy. Hal defeated Sinestro and brought Guy back to Earth but Guy was in a coma. Kari tried to communicate with Guy psychically but he had shut himself off to her. Guy stayed in the coma for several years, but had not shut all his psychic awareness off for he heard the GL call to battle against Krona but could not respond. Guy was finally brought out of his coma by a faction of the Guardians to be their tool during the Crisis of Infinite Earths.

Guy retained his Green Lantern identity after the Crisis, joining the reformed Justice League put together by Maxwell Lord. Guy’s abrasive personality led to frequent clashes within the group, especially with the Batman, but he proved his worth again and again. It was during this time that he fell in love with the heroine Ice.

Eventually, Guy left the Corps and began using Sinestro’s old yellow power ring. This came to an end, however, after a period of instability in the ring’s power. Guy, still searching for a way to remain a hero, began using a set of powered armor and learned that his brother Mace was now the villain Milita. Guy later lost the armor, however, and was once again powerless.

Until he learned of his Vuldarian heritage. Injected with alien DNA as a child, it had produced a latent desire in him to combat evil — and it had, upon manifesting, given him the power to transform his body into a living weapon. As Warrior, Guy Gardner continues to fight the good fight, while running a superhero bar called, aptly enough, Warrior’s.

Though some may think of Guy as a stupid, it’s far from true. He’s actually quite clever and capable of outsmarting more powerful opponents. Guy remains a “man’s man” and has a strong core of fans.

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