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August 2012: Welcome to the new home for the DCU RPG Resource Site! Many thanks to Barry for giving us permission to host, so that this wonderful resource will once again be available.


4/9/09: We’re back after a looooooong hiatus. This time around, we have a writeup of the Pied Piper by Eric Woodrum!

1/23/06: Added X-O Manowar to the Misc. Writeups page! Man, I miss old-school Valiant….

1/12/06: Added Magdalena to the Image/Wildstorm page.

1/10/06: The site’s back online, after nearly two years!

2/20/04: Andy Spieldenner gives us the second Black Spider, a useful little villain for any street-level campaign. The Black Spider is on the DCU writeups page, under the Batman: Allies & Enemies section. David Stout gives us Shadowwalker on the Misc. Writeups page, along with revised writeups for Jetstream and Big-T.

2/5/04: Andy Spieldenner offers up two more DCU writeups today, as the evil Calendar Man strikes under the Batman: Allies & Enemies section and the heroic Bronze Tiger pops up under Miscellaneous Heroes. Both are found on the DC Writeups page.

1/23/04: Andy Spieldenner delivers the all new Crimson Avenger! Check her out under the JSA section of the writeups page.

12/16/03: Added Persuasion of Beta Flight to the Marvel International Heroes section. She comes courtesy of Ion_Duck!

12/09/03: Several new additions today: On the DC page, we get Black Orchid by Pampero; over on the Miscellaneous page, it’s Jetstream from David Stout; and USAgent joins the site on the Marvel (Avengers) area.

12/08/03: Pampero returns with two new writeups — the pre-Crisis Night Girl debuts on the DC Writeups page, under the Legion section, while the mysterious and handsome Biker pops up on the Misc. page! 😉

12/01/03: Andy Spieldenner is back with two more of the Obsidian Age characters: Gamemnae and the Whaler! Check ’em out on the DC Writeups page!

11/22/03: Indigo of the Outsiders pops up today, on the DC Writeups page.

11/21/03: Three new writeups go up today, all by new contributors to the site! First up, check out Sela and the Anointed One on the DC Writeups page under the JLA Rogues section. They come from the excellent “Obsidian Age” storyline and are written up by Andy Spieldenner. Then go on over to the Misc Writeups page to check out Big T, a new hero created by David Stout.

11/07/03: Posted cleaned up images for the Misfits in Action, on the Miscellaneous Page.

10/06/03: Two of the new Outsiders appear on the dc writeups page today — Thunder and Grace!

9/30/03: Lilith, Mother of Monsters, debuts on the Marvel page, in the Ghost Rider section.

9/20/03: Nightshade pops up on the DC Writeups page, under Misc. Heroes.

9/19/03: David Stout gives us two new writeups today, both on the Marvel (X-Men) section. Look for Feral and Meltdown, two lovely but deadly mutants!

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