The Wrecker

Submitted by Menele

Real Name: Dirk Garthwaite
Base of Operations: New York
Marital Status: Single
Race: Human (Altered)
Advantages: Allies (The Wrecking Crew), Contacts (Baron Zemo, Masters of Evil IV, Ulik), Hardiness, Leadership Ability
Disadvantages: Arrogant, Argumentative, Center of Conversation, Enemies (The Avengers, Hercules, Thor), Impulsiveness, Fugitive, Psychological Disorder (Rage Issues), Shady Background, Sworn Enemy (Thor)
Reflexes: 3D
Brawling 9D, Climbing 5D, Dodge 5D, Drive 4D, Melee Weapons 4D (Crowbar +7D)
Coordination: 2D
Catch 4D, Thievery 3D, Thrown Weapons 4D (Crowbar +3D)
Physique: 5D (15D)
Leap 6D (16D), Lifting 7D (17D), Resistance 9D (19D), Running 6D (16D)
Knowledge: 2D
Arcane Lore 3D (Asgard +1D), Demolitions 6D, Security 3D
Perception: 2D
Know How 3D (Construction work +2D), Streetwise 3D (New York +2D)
Presence: 2D
Bluff 3D, Command 3D (Wrecking Crew +3D), Intimidation 4D, Willpower 5D
PDV: 3
Unarmed BDV: 5D
P/L Bonus: + 3 (+8)
Villain Points: 12 Body Points: 45 (95)
Character Points: 100

Powers: Super Attribute-Physique 10D (Limitation-Electrical Attacks against the crowbar have odd effects on Wreckers powers [they once removed them all together another time electricity allowed Wrecker to share his powers with the Wrecking crew]), Invulnerability 5D

Note: Before sharing his powers with the Wrecking Crew, Dirk’s Super Attribute-Physique was at 15D.



  • Speed: Same as users
  • BDV: 8Dx3
  • Fire Arc: N/A
  • Range: As per powers
  • Ammunition: Asgardian Magic
  • Enhancement Modifiers: None
  • Armor Value: None
  • Body Points: 500
  • Additional Information: Invulnerable 10D. Note all powers are Magically Empowered +8D.

History: (From The Immortal Thor of Asgard — Characters (archive))

Dirk Garthwaite was a manual labourer employed by a demolitions company who was fired for his antisocial behaviour and fits of violence. Deciding to turn his talent for mayhem and destruction into criminal activity. Garthwaite fashioned himself a simple costume to hide his identity. He then committed a series of crimes under the name of the Wrecker, his trademark being the crowbar with which he devastated the scene of the crime. While fleeing from the authorities, the Wrecker happened upon a hotel room occupied by Loki, the Asgardian god of evil, whose magical powers had at that time been temporarily removed by Odin.

The Wrecker smashed his way in while Loki was in the midst of mystically summoning Karnilla, Queen of the Norns. The Wrecker overpowered Loki and while trying on Loki’s horned helmet was mistaken for the god when Karnilla hastily materialized to grand Loki magical power so that he could battle Thor. Now possessed of magical power that gave him superhuman strength, the Wrecker embarked upon a brazen wrecking spree, no longer fearing the authorities. This spree attracted the attention of Loki’s half-brother Thor, the thunder god, whose power had also been diminished at the time by his father Odin’s spell.

The Wrecker battled Thor for hours straight, finally besting the partially depowered god, (it took the invincible Destroyer automaton, animated by the spirit of the goddess Sif, to defeat the Wrecker.) The Wrecker was imprisoned under heavy sedation in an upstate New York hospital for several months, but developed immunity to the tranquilizers and broke free. In a return bout with Thor, who now possessed his full godly might, the Wrecker was overpowered. Thrown upon the electrified third rail of the New York subway system, the Wrecker had his superhuman strength drained form him by a discharge of energy from Thor’s hammer.

Imprisoned for a few years, the Wrecker eventually escaped along with three fellow inmates, and managed to locate the crowbar in which he believed his enchanted power had fled after being driven from his body. The four convicts gripped the iron crowbar in the midst of an electrical storm, and were struck by lightning. The lightning magically distributed the enchanted strength bestowed by the Norn Queen upon the four of them. Acquiring costumes and taking individual aliases, the four called themselves the Wrecking Crew. Since the formation of this group, the Wrecker has seldom acted independently.

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