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The Weekly Google: The UEA port deal

Welcome to Bizarro World: as Iraq melts down in the wake of the Shi’a shrine bombing, Bush’s top priority appears to be making sure that some of Osama bin Laden’s best friends are given the keys to America’s ports: From … Continue reading

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The Week In Googling: The Governator

Well, the Daily Google was a wonderful idea, but given my (non-)copious free time, it was a bit…overly ambitious, shall we say. Therefore, this article series is now called the Weekly Google, and hopefully, it will be a bit more … Continue reading

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This week in DC

Below the fold I’ve listed this week’s votes in the House and Senate, and how our local reps voted on each. If you think another rep should be included (i.e. is in the area serviced by the EVDC) drop me … Continue reading

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