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Nightwatch: An Unpublished RPG Supplement for Babylon 5

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Some years back, Roland was a finalist for a job with a gaming company that had the Babylon 5 license. The final try-out piece was an entire sourcebook. He didn’t get the job, the company has since lost the license, and the sourcebook has been sitting on our hard drive, unread by anyone but us.

We’ve decided to make this content available, so that others can enjoy it. We’ve gone through our records and there was no contract agreement, just discussion of style guides and deadlines. We will remove this if any legally-interested party requests it.

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Matrix spells

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Spells for “hanging” other spells.

Emerald Essence Matrix

Circle: Terrestrial
Cost: 15m (3m committed)
Target: One immediately-cast spell

One of Devon’s early triumphs, the Essence Matrix class of spells was the answer to what until then had been a long-asked question: how can sorcerers counter the need to cast spells over an extended period of time? Devon’s first answer was the Emerald Essence Matrix, a brilliant solution that took the concept of committed Essence and turned it into a power and entity unto itself.
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Armies of Creation Trilogy (Spells)

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The Armies of Creation spells are believed to have been designed by the first Dawn Caste. Intended to bolster soldiers fighting to protect and expand Creation’s borders, these spells infuse a leader’s warriors with a portion of the Exalt’s nature. (UnExalted sorcerers call on the might of the Unconquered Sun, making its use highly illegal for anyone other than Dragon-Blooded within the Realm.) The spell names given are for the most common variants; sorcerers of differing backgrounds typically use different names for them.
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Heroic Gladiator Style (Exalted)

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This art was never widely practiced, even at the height of its popularity in the First Age. A relatively late development, Heroic Gladiator Style was one of the few martial arts specifically designed around the use of armor, especially (but not exclusively) for elite warstrider pilots. While it was used, as its name implies, in arena combat, the style saw the most use on the edges of Creation. It was pitted often against powerful mutants and behemoths, as well as the occasional escaped demon. Originally intended for use by Celestial Exalted wearing the finest powered armor and warstriders, it was most widely adopted by Dragon-Blooded who found its Charms particularly effective in mitigating the limitations of their common warstriders.
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Glorious Phoenix Style (Exalted)

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[Glorious Phoenix]

[My first custom martial arts style. 🙂 Based to some extent on the Air Dragon and Fire Dragon styles in DB, I’m putting Glorious Phoenix up for commentary. I am particularly interested in discussion of the Supreme Rising Phoenix Method’s power level.]

The Glorious Phoenix Style is one of the earliest martial arts schools, dating back to the First Age and the war against the Primordials. It deals with the use of Essence, likening it to the fire and light of the Unconquered Sun as manifested through one of His greatest servants, the Great Garda. It is said the Sun Himself taught this style to the Garda, who in turn brought it to the Chosen. While Lunars, Sidereals, and even Terrestrials (particularly Fire Chosen) would learn it, Solars would make up the bulk of the style’s masters.
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Memos Censored by the D.E.O.

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Memos Censored by the D.E.O., “out-takes” from the Directive on Superpowers supplement for the DC Universe Roleplaying Game by West End Games. This is material that didn’t later appear in the D.E.O. Agent Manual.

It’s an in-character way of sharing color text that Peter and David wrote which was cut due to space limitations, or was printed in a heavily redacted form. Peter added bit of framing story to give an in-character explanation for the cuts and redactions.

This is one of the supplements that has its own site design and so is being left where it is.