Nightwatch: An Unpublished RPG Supplement for Babylon 5

Some years back, Roland was a finalist for a job with a gaming company that had the Babylon 5 license. The final try-out piece was an entire sourcebook. He didn’t get the job, the company has since lost the license, and the sourcebook has been sitting on our hard drive, unread by anyone but us.

We’ve decided to make this content available, so that others can enjoy it. We’ve gone through our records and there was no contract agreement, just discussion of style guides and deadlines. We will remove this if any legally-interested party requests it.

This was never edited by anyone but the author, so please keep that in mind. The stats are for d20 3.0. It was written for a British company, and so the spelling of some words may look wrong to American readers. While Roland would have preferred to use both male and female pronouns, the company’s style guide asked for just “he/him” for simplicity.

Nightwatch: An Unpublished RPG Supplement for Babylon 5 (Table of Contents)

We’d also like to add that researching this subject during the summer of 2004 was… interesting.

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