Nightwatch: Ch. 3.3 – Storm Warriors

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[3] Voices of Authority

[3.3] Storm Warriors

Blind Global To: “Nightwatch Switzerland”
Blind From: “Watchknight”
Subject: Tracking Senators
Date: 6 August 2260

For the last three months, we have had the power and authority to set things right. The order on Earth and throughout most of the Alliance is the way it should be. Aliens walk small around us, the traitors from the intellectuals and the media elite are finally getting what they deserve, and Nightwatch can clean up any mess we have to. No more activist judges misinterpreting the constitution or making laws. EarthForce has purged the mutineers within. EarthDome is ours. So why in God’s name are people right here, in the heart of our power, holding back?

The worst traitors of all, the most prominent members of the opposition forces who stabbed us in the back, are still loose. Sure, they are on the run, hunted, sought after by every right-thinking citizen in the Alliance. Never forget, though – never forget – there are plenty of humans in the Alliance who do not think rightly by any stretch of the imagination. They will help these traitors, hide them from us and betray us at every turn by trying to bring them back into power.

You may think those traitors are not enough to overthrow our earned and well-deserved supremacy. You would be right. Who on Earth can stand up to the combined power of Nightwatch, Psi Corps and EarthForce? The problem is, we are not just talking about forces on Earth. Remember who they were betraying us to. The aliens, the accursed Minbari and the scheming Centauri, the foul Vree and the vicious Drazi, almost all of them want a piece of Earth. They cannot even avoid treating each other like animals. Remember Narn, then imagine those mass drivers pointed at Earth. They would let it happen.

Unfortunately, there are times when we must use terror to end terror. The traitors in our midst will stop at nothing to destroy Earth and her freedom. We must stop at nothing to protect her. If you can learn a seditionist’s plans by twisting an arm, twist hard. If you have to break an arm, shatter it. Make the turncoats squeal like the pigs they are if you must.

It will be hard. We all know that. They will cry and beg and protest their innocence like the spineless cowards they are. As you are all good men and women, you will no doubt feel pity for these creatures. Do your best to harden your hearts toward them. Remember, they have chosen to betray us all by selling out to aliens for wealth or power. Because of them, any one of you could have ended up on some alien colony, mining Quantium-40 for a Minbari armada. You could have been clapped in irons at the foot of some decadent Centauri glutton, or made the mindless slave of a Vree consortium. Who knows what alien vivisection table you could have ended up on, or what Vorlon answer to the test tube your organs might be in now, or how much of you would be on a Pak’ma’ra’s menu.

Also remember that it would not be just you. It would be your fathers and mothers, your brothers and sisters, your sons and daughters. Your friends, your co-workers, your spouses. Just imagine what the Narn would do if they ever captured our telepathic brothers and sisters. Any of them could be in the hands of aliens now thanks to these scum.

We are conditioned, and rightly so, to be disgusted by the use of fear and violence on the helpless. History shows us what happens when these tools are unleashed on a wide scale. The same is true of fire, though. In small, controlled amounts, fire is invaluable. Terror and force can be used in the same way, with careful application on those who deserve it. Never doubt that our enemies deserve it. We placed our trust in them. They betrayed us on every level imaginable. No matter what happens, do what you have to do.

Use their own contacts against them. Some of their aides will come over to our side when they realise what they have been serving. Others will require persuasion, so persuade them. Remember, the truth is on our side. The truth is this: we, the heroes of the Nightwatch, are the only ones standing between Earth and alien slavery. With real freedom at stake, the whining of a bunch of elitists means nothing. Traitors can’t hide.

Ever Vigilant,


[3.3.1] Hanging Together

Blind Global To: “Resistance Australia”
Blind From: “Number Nine”
Subject: Win This War First (was: No More Talking)
Date: 7 August 2260

Okay, I want everyone to calm down. We are in no position to start fighting Nightwatch in the streets, storming EarthDome or taking on EarthForce. (Are you insane, Twelve?) We have to start with the people we are trying to liberate. Some of them believe Clark’s garbage about an alien menace, some of them do not want to think about it and some of them are just afraid. Without their help, we are not going to get anywhere.

I cannot stress this enough, people – Nightwatch’s biggest weapon is the PR machine. Sure, a lot of them believe the old adage that “you can get more with a kind word and a PPG than you can with just a kind word,” but for most of them, words are their preferred weapons. Words can turn enemies into allies, while guns can only turn them into corpses. Even if they have to destroy a rival, a broken “prole” is preferable to a martyr when making an example of someone. This is what we are up against.

Yes, we have to defend ourselves when they attack us. Yes, we have to hide the senators we have been able to rescue. And yes, absolutely, we have to get information to the independent colonies, to Babylon 5 and to the EarthForce ships still fighting for freedom. Nevertheless, there can be no question that we are not going to get anywhere until we can free the Alliance from the fear and paralysis gripping it.

Right now, I think our best line of attack is on their rank hypocrisy. They talk a lot about freedom, but everyone is terrified to even speak about the crisis now. They talk a great deal about truth, then say in the same breath “you don’t need to know.” Of course, that’s standard practice for the Big Lie. Keep saying something, as loudly and as often as you can, until it “becomes” the truth. And yes, they do say all the right things about good and evil, no question about that. The problem is, you cannot be the good guys when you make people disappear in the night, when entire towns can hear the screams from interrogations and when “reformed” dissidents repent publicly with that shell shocked look in their eyes.

Our biggest problem is getting through Nightwatch’s media control. They run StellarCom, they edit Universe Today and they literally conquered ISN in what I swear looked like a military coup. After what we saw when ISN came back on line, I do not have to tell you what is happening in Geneva. We have to be sneaky. Considering the friends who set up this list for us, I suspect we do not have a shortage of sneakiness.

We need to get our tech-heads together. Pirate the ISN signal. Hack StellarCom sites and the Universe Today remote printer system. Use radios, post signs, leave flyers on windshields if you have to. Just be careful, and get the word out. They know Clark is the bad guy. All we have to do is let them know that they are not alone.

Number Nine

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