Nightwatch: Ch. 3.4 – Desperate Times

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[3] Voices of Authority

[3.4] Desperate Times

For Immediate Dissemination To All Political Officers
From the Office of the Director of Nightwatch
10 September 2261

Some of my colleagues have become panicked over recent developments. I urge calm during this time. Though it may seem, as one particularly hysterical missive describes it, that our coalition is in “free fall,” this is hardly the case. True, there have been setbacks. The Proxima 3 incident has been widely disseminated by the unfortunately named Voice of the Resistance. Defections seem rampant – I emphasise seem as we have many loyal forces, a fact some of you may have forgotten. Certainly, there can be no denying amongst ourselves the growth of this aberrant force led by Sheridan.

I expect every member of this agency to do just that, however. As far as the public is concerned, the unfortunate civilian casualties at Proxima 3 are the fault of rebel deviants, and there have been no defections. The Voice of the Resistance is a vile propaganda operation intended to undermine morale at home as a predominantly alien force moves toward Earth. Under no circumstances are any members of Nightwatch to use the phrase “Army of Light” to describe these forces. Instead, refer to them as Captain Sheridan’s “shadow army.” You may use John Sheridan’s former military rank. As strange as it may seem, focus testing shows the reminder of his former heroism makes citizens feel more antipathy toward his current treasonous actions. It is also a reminder that he did not rise higher through the ranks, and the lack of true military leaders among the mutineers. Also, when referring specifically to anti-Earth human forces, describe them as mutineers whenever possible. It removes the romantic connotations of the words “rebel” and “resistance.” Terms such as traitor and seditionist are always acceptable.

Another important factor to consider is our continuing broad support among the ideologically faithful. While the moderates are wavering, our base is more loyal than ever. They harbour enormous resentment towards the EarthForce defectors in general and Captain Sheridan in particular. Exploit that resentment. Maintain high visibility levels for Nightwatch on the streets as well as the screens. Show no signs of weakness or division within the government. Prevent others from permitting such signs to show at all costs. Remember, desperation is the political equivalent of blood in the water. Only if we allow the administration’s enemies to scent that blood will our position truly be in peril. Ever vigilant, my friends. Ever vigilant.

[3.4.1] Terminus Est

Blind Global To: “Resistance EU”
Blind From: “Themis”
Subject: Justice Is Coming
Date: 12 September 2261

Some of you wondered if I really had a point about why they hate us. Deep down, do they really know we are right, or have they managed to delude themselves completely? Well, there must be a few in the second camp, just by the law of averages, but read the above Nightwatch memo and tell me they do not know they are wrong. “Exploit the resentment” indeed.

Thugs like these always know their time is past, if they can even be said to have had a time. Look at their shameless use of spin. See how they lie without a qualm about Promixa 3 and Babylon 5. I must admit to some of the “deep delight of the blood” Santayana describes when knocking down something cocked at an arrogant angle as we watch the Ministry’s attempts to suppress their own fear.

I will not lie to you. I leave that to Nightwatch. We are in more danger now than ever before. As Clark becomes more desperate, his people will lash out with the ferocity of any cornered, wounded animal. Our operations will be more difficult than ever and the price of defeat is horrific. We all know what they do to captured resistance forces. Nevertheless, they are wounded, and we must press our advantage. There is blood in the water. Now, when they are weak and the EarthForce ships loyal to freedom are gathering strength, is the time to push back. If we succeed, we will back win our world. If we fail, I cannot say when the darkness will end. Good luck to you all.

Let Justice Be Done Though the Heavens Fall,


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