Nightwatch: Ch. 5.2 – New Feats

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[5] Powers and Principalities

[5.2] New Feats

[5.2.1] Requisition Access (General)

You can request any equipment your government can reasonably provide and expect to get it, if you can justify it for a mission.

Prerequisite: Contact, Gather Intelligence skill, must serve in the military, intelligence or security service of a government.

Benefit: You may request any personal equipment for your character and expect to receive it. You may also choose any one vehicle that can be used as a transport during most of your mission. If a particular item seems truly excessive or foolish (an atmosphere-capable Starfury while undercover as an alien or Minbari Battle Armour while investigating possible EarthForce dissidents), you must make a Bluff check with a DC of at least 15. The Games Master may increase the Difficulty Class of this check if the request seems particularly egregious, as with the Minbari Battle Armour example.

[5.2.2] Room 101 (General)

Having achieved significant authority within Nightwatch, you can now authorise the detention and “reeducation” of troublemakers.

Prerequisite: Member of Nightwatch, during Martial Law only.

Benefit: By making a skill check, you can have a citizen of equal or lesser political influence targeted for imprisonment by the Ministry of Peace. This skill check has a DC of 10 + target’s character level for those with less political power than you, and a DC of 15 + target’s character level for those with equal influence. This can be determined by actual ranking within the bureaucracy or military, but can be modified as the Games Master wishes based on other elements such as class abilities and feats. A diplomat or politician with valuable contacts within EarthGov would receive one effective rank for each contact, as well as one rank for each level of Government Resources. This feat would also qualify as a “virtual” rank. Whether or not a character has this feat, attempts to prove a political superior’s guilt, honestly or otherwise, must be roleplayed. Different skills can be used for the check, depending on the method you wish to use to find the minimal evidence sufficient for use of Room 101. Computer Use and Forgery can be used to literally create incriminating evidence, while Gather Knowledge can uncover dangerous rumours about the target and Bluff can start them. Once the character is targeted, the hunt is played out normally, though most citizens will be caught quickly. See page XX for rules on “reeducation.” This feat may be used once a week.

[5.2.3] Seductive (General)

You are more than just attractive. Through a combination of appearance, attitude and allure, members of the appropriate gender find you virtually irresistible.

Prerequisite: Constitution 11+, Charisma 13+.

Benefit: You gain a +4 bonus to all Bluff and Diplomacy checks in which you are attempting to initiate a romantic encounter with a member of your own species. This bonus is reduced to +2 with members of races with similar concepts of beauty and appeal and has no effect on wildly divergent alien species. This bonus is lost against a particular target if the initial attempt fails, but later failures do not have the same effect if the first step is successful.

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