Nightwatch: Ch. 5.3 – Equipment and Vehicles

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[5] Powers and Principalities

[5.3] Equipment and Vehicles

Locator Implant: All high ranking EarthDome officials are implanted with coded identification crystals as protection against kidnapping. These crystals constantly broadcast a low-level signal on an unusual band of frequencies at very short range. Nevertheless, they are quite valuable in tracking people within certain buildings, allowing security forces to detect unusual movement and thwart abductions quickly. During the reign of Clark and Nightwatch, their use is expanded to ensure loyalty and to monitor the activities of important members of the government. Rumour has it that a few particularly valuable prisoners are also implanted with these locators. Only scanners specifically programmed with this frequency will pick up this signal. Those using a hand scanner to search for this signal must make a Technical (electronics) check at DC 10 to locate someone within eight metres, though detection is automatic at four metres or less. Reconfiguring the internal scanners within a ship, station or building not designed to pick up these unusual frequencies requires a minimum of one hour and a Technical (electronics) check at DC 15. Larger facilities will have longer reconfiguration times. If the unique frequency of the crystal being scanned for is not available, increase all related Difficulty Classes by 10.

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