Glorious Phoenix Style (Exalted)

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[Glorious Phoenix]

[My first custom martial arts style. 🙂 Based to some extent on the Air Dragon and Fire Dragon styles in DB, I’m putting Glorious Phoenix up for commentary. I am particularly interested in discussion of the Supreme Rising Phoenix Method’s power level.]

The Glorious Phoenix Style is one of the earliest martial arts schools, dating back to the First Age and the war against the Primordials. It deals with the use of Essence, likening it to the fire and light of the Unconquered Sun as manifested through one of His greatest servants, the Great Garda. It is said the Sun Himself taught this style to the Garda, who in turn brought it to the Chosen. While Lunars, Sidereals, and even Terrestrials (particularly Fire Chosen) would learn it, Solars would make up the bulk of the style’s masters.
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Memos Censored by the D.E.O.

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Memos Censored by the D.E.O., “out-takes” from the Directive on Superpowers supplement for the DC Universe Roleplaying Game by West End Games. This is material that didn’t later appear in the D.E.O. Agent Manual.

It’s an in-character way of sharing color text that Peter and David wrote which was cut due to space limitations, or was printed in a heavily redacted form. Peter added bit of framing story to give an in-character explanation for the cuts and redactions.

This is one of the supplements that has its own site design and so is being left where it is.

Aeon Covenant, a Scanners/Highlander Players’ Guide

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From the site:

Aeon Covenant (originally Phoenix Covenant, which was submitted to B.J. Zanzibar‘s White Wolf fan supplement web site in the late 90s) is my first RPG fan work; it therefore holds a special place in my heart. It has been updated several times, but is still extremely out of date. Although the entire site has been given a face lift, the text itself hasn’t been changed in years.

This is one of the supplements that has its own site design and so is being left where it is.

Note: BJZ’s site was formerly at; the site is an archive.

Yet Another Site

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And so we add another section to the “etc” gateway. This will collect — either by links or by moving stuff — much of our gaming-related content. This part of the site isn’t meant to replace the Geek Wiki, which will remain where it is.