Pattern-Restoring Mandala (Spell)

Circle: Solar
Cost: 50m
Target: Shaped being(s)

While most sorcerers are also Lore masters, some are not. Order-Affirming Blow is also limited by range and Willpower requirements. Pattern-Restoring Mandala is the sorcerous solution to such limitations. For three turns, the Solar meditates on the ten thousand sutras of the Lawgiver, by which all Order and Justice are maintained. At the end of this meditation, the sorcerer unleashes the resultant mandala of sunlight formed from Willpower and Essence. It spins out in three perfect circles, each perpendicular to the other two at the points where they touch. This open formation surrounds a chosen target or targets that have Shaping effects at work on them, and can be cast up to (permanent Essence x 200) yards away. It permanently removes all Shaping effects on all affected targets, with varying difficulties to affect targets of varying power.

Any non-Artifact inanimate objects, mortal targets, First Circle demons, commoner raksha, or other beings with a permanent Essence of 3 or less are immediately restored. A group up to a Magnitude equal to the sorcerer’s permanent Essence rating can be affected simultaneously, as long as they either identify as a single group and are in line of sight, or if they are all within (permanent Essence x 50) yards.

Any artifact with a rating of 3 or less, Terrestrial Exalted, Second Circle demons, Shaped raksha, or other beings with permanent Essence of 6 or less are affected if the caster wins a reflexive (Essence + Willpower + Occult) contest with the targets, with the sorcerer gaining automatic successes equal to her highest Virtue. Artifacts with no such ratings roll (rating x 4). If more than one such being is targeted, use the character with the highest pool, then add two dice to the defensive die pool for each additional target. This use of the spell can affect up to the character’s Essence in targets as long as they are within (permanent Essence x 10) yards of one another.

If the target is an artifact with a rating of 4 or more, a Celestial Exalt, Third Circle demon, Unshaped raksha or other being with a permanent Essence of 7 or higher, only that target can be affected. The reflexive contest remains the same, except that the spell caster receives no automatic successes on the roll.

In Bordermarches or Creation, this spell automatically turns any raksha successfully affected by it into beings or objects of Creation, as per Order-Affirming Blow. In the Middlemarches or Deep Wyld, the raksha either takes unsoakable levels of aggravated damage equal to the number of successes the caster won by, or becomes an entity of Creation of its choosing. Most raksha endure the painful damage rather than become one of the hated unchanging, but some choose to become Kithain or unusual beings with potent abilities. More than one raksha transformed into Awakened gryphons in the First Age.

All other beings except Lunars suffering from chimerism are restored to whatever their original patterns may be, and are immune to further Shaping for a scene. The Solar can extend this benefit indefinitely by committing the full 50 motes used to cast the spell. Lunars suffering from chimerism are special cases. Casteless Lunars are immediately and permanently cured of all chimerical effects, but they do not gain the immunity unless the sorcerer commits the motes. A full chimera can be temporarily restored to sanity and human form, but is strictly limited to true forms for the duration of the spell if they do not resist. The Wyld energy that makes chimerae what they are is merely forced to dormancy, and will reassert itself unless the Lunar is tattooed or some other cure is found. A resistant chimera can force another contest by simply activating a Knack or Charm that alters his form, and can keep resisting until rendered unconscious or his Essence pool runs out. Tattooed Lunars are completely unaffected by this spell, as any chimerical mutations are written into their true forms by the tattoo process, and are thus no longer Shaping effects.

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